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SXU Education Student Receives Sister M. Irenaus Chekouras Award


Recent Saint Xavier University (SXU) graduate Shorouq Abdallah '24 has received the College of Liberal Arts and Education's Sister M. Irenaus Chekouras Award. Abdallah was selected for her excellence in teaching and learning and the way she embodies the values of scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service.  

"Receiving recognition for my hard work and dedication is a remarkable feeling, incredibly humbling and gratifying. It speaks volumes about the hard work, dedication, and excellence I have demonstrated throughout my academic journey at SXU. I appreciate my mentors and professors for contributing to my personal and professional development in the best of ways," said Abdallah.  

While pursuing her master's degree in education, Abdallah juggled a full-time teaching job and found that being at SXU helped her to learn time management and how to apply theory to practice.  

"My ability to handle a heavy workload while maintaining balance in my personal life taught me valuable time management and organizational skills. My commitment to enhancing my teaching practices by applying new theories and strategies learned in the program demonstrates dedication to professional growth and a proactive approach to education, which directly translates into better outcomes for my students," said Abdallah.  

Abdallah's interest in teaching stems from a deep passion for making a positive impact on students' lives, and her time at SXU has prepared her well for the future.  

"At SXU, my classes have prepared me for my current and future career by providing a strong theoretical foundation, practical skills development, exposure to diverse perspectives, and encouragement of reflective practice. Through coursework, hands-on experiences, and exposure to various teaching methods, I gained the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to succeed as an educator and make a meaningful difference in the lives of my future students," said Abdallah.  

Abdallah also had the opportunity to engage in high-impact projects and events that have significantly contributed to both her professional and personal growth, including participating in service-learning initiatives, collaborating on research projects with faculty mentors, and attending professional development workshops and conferences.

"Each of these opportunities has allowed me to apply classroom learning to real-world contexts, expand my skills and knowledge, build meaningful relationships with peers and mentors, and develop a deeper understanding of my role as an educator," said Abdallah.  

Abdallah carries with her the cherished memories of meeting the most understanding, kind, and knowledgeable professors and students. In the future, she plans to continue to pursue excellence in the field of education, aspiring to leverage the knowledge, skills and experiences gained from her studies at SXU to make a positive impact. She's also open to exploring opportunities for further professional development, such as pursuing additional certifications or advanced degrees, to continually enhance her effectiveness as an educator and contribute meaningfully to the field of education.  

"Ultimately, my goal is to inspire and empower students to reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally, fostering a lifelong love of learning and a commitment to personal growth."