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Provost's Fellowship award


The purpose of the Provost's Fellowship is to encourage scholarly activity of excellent quality by junior-level students who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude and have performed with a high measure of academic distinction. The award is intended to foster special academic activity (such as research and artistic production) that ordinarily would not be accomplished without some kind of financial support. Although the particular work undertaken as the Fellowship project is likely to be in the student's major field, interdisciplinary academic projects for which appropriate faculty sponsorship can be arranged is encouraged.

In accepting a Provost's Fellowship, the student is required to provide assurance to the Project Adviser and to the Provost that the demands of the project have been carefully considered in the planning process.

Nature of Award

The award is ordinarily a non-renewable cash stipend of $500 that may be used at the discretion of the student for expenses directly related to the Fellowship project. The expenses may include materials or travel expenses to support the project during the period of the Fellowship, which usually entails one semester during the senior year. 


Application will be by invitation of the Provost following nomination by a member of the faculty prior to the announced deadline. To be eligible for nomination, a student should have completed the first semester of his/her junior year or about 75 semester hours of university work. The Fellowship ordinarily extends through one semester of the senior year. In exceptional cases, a semester extension (without additional funding) may be granted to enable a student to complete a project deemed by their advisor as requiring additional time. 


  1. Nomination by a faculty member (submitted in writing or by email to the
  2. Review of nominees by the Provost.
  3. Invitation, by letter from the Provost, to the student for application. 
  4. Application by the student, including prospectus of the project, letters of recommendation from the student’s academic advisor and two other faculty members, and designation of the faculty member who will serve as advisor in the project. Completed application and letters of recommendation should be submitted to Office of the Provost (A-219) no later than Friday, March 25, 2016. 
  5. Review of applications by an ad hoc committee of at least three members appointed by the Provost.
  6. Review by the Provost of the committee’s recommendations.
  7. Notification to each of the applicants of the decision regarding their application.
  8. Announcement by Provost of the Provost Fellows.

Requirements of a Provost's Fellow

Agreement in writing that the demands of the Fellowship project will be carefully considered in the planning of the student’s program during the Fellowship period. A copy of this agreement is to be presented to the Project Advisor and to the Provost.

  1. A written report by the Fellow to be submitted, on completion of the period of the Fellowship, to the Provost, no later than April 1 of the year in which the Fellowship took place.
  2. Normally sharing by the Provost’s Fellow with others at the University the results of the Fellowship work through some appropriate means, such as publication, display or performance, depending on the nature of the project. 

Note: With the approval of the faculty involved and of the Provost, a Provost's Fellow may be permitted to substitute the Fellowship project for some of the usual requirements of the department or of the University.

January, 2016