Contact Us

Molly Caldera

Technology Operations Manager
Office: WAC L-124
Phone: 773-298-3410
Email: caldera@sxu.edu

Ryan Cleary

Media Support Manager
Office: WAC L-124
Phone: 773-298-3666
Email: cleary@sxu.edu

Beth DeCarlo

Administrative Coordinator
Office: WAC L-124
Phone: 773-298-3189
Email: decarlo@sxu.edu

Michael Grimm

Associate Director of Production Services 
Office: WAC L-122
Phone: 773-298-3411
Email: grimm@sxu.edu

Yue Ma

Senior Instructional Designer
Office: WAC L-136
Phone: 773-298-5166
Email: ma@sxu.edu

Joe Verble

Technology Integration Specialist 
Office: WAC L-133
Phone: 773-298-3403
Email: verble@sxu.edu

Chris Zakrzewski

Assistant Provost for Technology and Instructional Innovation
Director of CIDAT
Office: WAC L-135
Phone: 773-298-3884
Email: zakrzewski@sxu.edu

Media Services

Office: WAC L-121
Media Reservations: 773-298-HELP (4357), Press 1 for Media Services

Student Technology/Canvas Support

Office: WAC L-132
Email: cidatstudentsupport@mymail.sxu.edu