Residence Life

University Housing Staff

The following people make up the University Housing Staff. The staff for 2015-2016 will be happy to help you with any questions that you might have about living on campus or University apartments.

university housing staff

Regina Hall  

Resident Director: Sarah Nichols
Resident Assistants:  Dana Chianelli, Katherine Garcia, Juanita Harris, Megan Hill, Taylor LeBlanc, John Shannon, Joe Williams, Dave Zuniga
Resident Peer Academic Leaders: Carl Abustan, Shanice Howard, Krysten James, Jessica Verner
Regina Hall Minister: Bridget Kelley
Resident Peer Ministers: Rachal Brooks, Genesis Garcia Fisher, Tara Luczak

Regina Hall

Pacelli Hall 

Resident Director: Amy Sytsma
Resident Assistants: Valencia Pringle, Brianna Stuckey, Abigail Stanula, Ben Truong
Resident Peer Academic Leaders: Miranda Shaw
Pacelli Hall Minister:
Resident Peer Ministers: Marissa Hohman, Marc Tan

Pacelli Hall

McCarthy Hall

Resident Director: Dan Trew
Resident Assistants: Lena Barbor, Kody Kleinrichert, Chance'

Morris Hall

Assistant Director: Dan Trew
Resident Assistants: Alexis Harrison, Denisse Marquez Narro

Rubloff Hall

Resident Director: Dan Trew
Resident Assistants: Amber Kieklak, Danny Peters, Robert Potoczek,

O'Brien Hall

Resident Director: Dan Trew
Resident Assistants: Paige Brehm, Leajune Fantroy, D'Andre Slaughter,

Quad Resident Peer Academic Leaders: Angenette Wallace

Quad Hall Minis: Will Weyant
Quad Resident Peer Ministers:

Quad Halls

Quad Halls