Sweeney Family Lecture

Sweeney Family Lecture Series

The annual Sweeney Family Lecture is made possible by a generous gift endowment from the John and Barbara Sweeney Family to the Center for Religion and Public Discourse. Past chair of the Saint Xavier University Board of Trustees, John P. Sweeney wished to enhance the Center's efforts to bring notable speakers to SXU for substantive, lively, even "edgy" presentations and discussions on topics that would range across the liberal arts and sciences, provoke thought, deepen the educational experience of students, and engage both members of the University community and members of the general public.

Upcoming Lectures

February 19, 2014:  Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J., Ph.D.

An American research astronomer and planetary scientist, Br. Guy is the curator of the Vatican Observatory’s meteorite collection, one of the largest such collections in the world.  In “Faith and the Scientist,” Br. Guy will discuss religion and science as complementary rather than conflicting ways of exploring the world and contributing to the human quest to understand the origins and operations of the universe.

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