Health Center

Student Immunization Requirements

All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in more than 6 credit hours are required to submit a compliant Certificate of Immunity form. There are few exceptions. For a complete description of what is needed, download the Student Immunization Form (PDF) and the certificate of immunity guide (PDF). 

This form must be signed by your health care provider with verification of dates of immunization or you may attach a copy of your signed immunization record. New students may turn in their completed form to a Health Center representative during their orientation session. Alternatively, students can submit it directly to the Health Center in person, via mail, email or fax. You can also submit your records via the patient portal. If you do not have your records, download the guide Tips for Finding Immunization Records (PDF).

All international students must be screened for freedom from tubercular disease (TB) within 10 days of arrival on the SXU campus. Download the TB Risk Screening Questionnaire (PDF) and turn it in to the Health Center.  If further testing is indicated, someone from the Health Center will contact you.

According to Illinois law, Public Act 85-1315, SXU must prevent you from registering for subsequent terms if you fail to submit documentation verifying that you meet the immunization requirements.  Please submit your proof of immunity as soon as possible to avoid a registration block. Please contact the Health Center at 773-298-3712 or healthcenter@sxu.edu if you have any questions.