Graduate Programs

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Saint Xavier's graduate programs are responsive to the needs of the greater Chicagoland area. Our programs currently serve more than 1,700 students and have opened the door for career opportunities to many more. Upon graduation, students are prepared to assume positions of leadership in professional areas, including: 

Graham School of Management


School of Education

Business (MBA)

The Graham School of Management at Saint Xavier University is dedicated to its students. To ensure their success, faculty utilize the resources the Chicago business community offers to enrich our challenging curriculum with guest speakers, class projects, and internship and job placement opportunities. Collaborating with business leaders allows students to learn in a real-world setting, while sharing their talents and skills with the organizations and the community.


Education (MA)

The School of Education at Saint Xavier University has a rich history of preparing students for careers in teaching and administration in both public and private schools. In fact, in the metro-Chicago area alone, more than 174,000 school children are taught by a teacher from SXU each day. Students in the School of Education are challenged with a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes the preparation of scholars and lifelong learners.