Honors Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being in the honors program?

Please view the Honors Program Benefits page for details.

Are Honors courses harder than other courses?

Honors courses are not necessarily harder than other University courses; however, they are designed to challenge students in ways that will make them better learners and prepare them for their future career and educational goals. In general, the courses are more student-centered and more interdisciplinary in their focus. Students are expected more actively to shape the classroom experience and to pursue topics that interest them in greater depth.

Are Honors courses offered at special times or on a special schedule? Or are they just like regular courses?

No, honors courses are not offered at special times. They are scheduled as any other University course would be scheduled.

Will I be able to participate in Honors while pursuing any major at SXU?

Yes! Students can pursue any major at this University and also be in the honors program. Faculty and staff advisors will help you integrate the requirements of your major with those of the honors program.

Do I qualify for an additional scholarship if I am in the Honors Program?

Unfortunately, outside of the Honors Student Development Grants, there are not any scholarships offered at Saint Xavier University reserved specifically for students in the honors program.

Will my AP credit count for Honors requirements?

All AP credit will count, whether for honors core requirements or other University core requirements.

Do Honors students live together in residence halls?

Honors students live together during their freshman year only. Having an honors floor in the freshman residence hall provides honors students with the opportunity to forge a community with their honors peers both inside and outside of the classroom.

Can I be in Honors and graduate a semester early? A year early?

The honors program is designed to enrich the undergraduate experience, but not expedite it. However, it may be possible for students to graduate a semester early, if they have completed all University, major and honors requirements. It is not possible to graduate a full year early, however, because the student would be unable to complete both junior fieldwork and senior project requirements.