Vision 2017

Goal 3: Developing Supportive Partnerships and Opportunities

The University will seek and build strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with external partners that lead to new resources and improve educational experiences for its students.

Objectives and Metrics:

  1. The University will direct each academic program and unit to partner with at least one local, national or international nonprofit, public, private or faithbased organization to provide opportunities for engagement, scholarship or service/service learning for students, faculty and staff. (2013)
  2. The University will realize a 20 percent increase in alumni engagement in national alumni, advisory board and career networking events. (2014)
  3. The University will review and update all articulation agreements and partner with community colleges to create at least three new articulation programs that increase the number of baccalaureate graduates annually. (2013)
  4. The University will assist each college and school in developing an advisory board whose members, among other efforts, will partner in fundraising, provide opportunities for students and support the strategic initiatives of the deans of each college or school.