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Program for LPN-BSN Completion

Continuing and Adult Education strives to meet the needs of licensed practical nursing students by providing the general education courses that are required for entry and completion of the BSN degree in the School of Nursing, The program is designed to give students the advantage of an integrated core curriculum while retaining the supportive courses prerequisite to nursing. LPNs may be admitted to Continuing and Adult Education for these courses and to the School of Nursing for the nursing-specific courses. Student's may enroll in the general education core and supportive courses in weekend/evening time frames. The School of Nursing offers the nursing major courses during the day.

See catalog section on procedure for admission to the upper division in nursing.

Program Requirements for the B.S. Degree in Nursing (BSN)

For the Licensed Practical Nurse (121.5 Credit Hours)

Adult General Education (36 Credit Hours)
ACSU 101 Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) (0)
FOSEM I Foundation Seminar I: ENGL 120 (3)
FOSEM II Foundation Seminar II: COMM 101 (3)
FOSEM III Foundation Seminar III:
Either FOSEM 200 or FOSEM 201-205 plus a college level math class
HIST XXX History Elective (3)
* Fine Arts/Literature Elective (3)
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology (3)
PSYCH 199 Human Development Through the Life Cycle (3)
PHIL 150 The Examined Life (3)
Philosophy Elective
Religion Elective

RELST XXX Religious Studies Elective (3)
FOSEM 350 Interdisciplinary Seminar Senior Seminar (3)
Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Nursing Supportive Courses (34 Credit Hours)

MATH GenEd (3)
CHEM 107 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry (4)
CHEM 108 Principles of Organic Biochemistry (3)
BIOL 202 Human Anatomy (4)
BIOL 203 Human Physiology (4)
BIOL 206 Microbiology (4)
BIOL 309 Pathophysiology (3)
SOC 210 Sociology of Family (3)
PSYCH 204 Abnormal Psychology (3)
COMM 100 Speech Fundamentals (3)
Nursing (41.5 Credit Hours)
NURS 212 Introduction to Pharmacological Concepts Related to Nursing (3)
NURS 282 Concepts in Professional Nursing (3)
NURS 311 Mental Health Nursing (2)
NURSP 312 Mental Health Nursing Practicum (1)
NURS 326 Health Assessment in Nursing Practice (2)
NURSL 326 Health Assessment in Nursing Practice Lab (1)
NURS 344 Nursing Care of Adults (3)
NURSP 345 Nursing Care of Adults Practicum (2)
NURS 329 Mentoring in Professional Nursing II (0.5)
NURS 339 Mentoring in Professional Nursing IV (0.5)
NURS 356 Nursing Research: Connecting Research and Practice (3)
NURS 342 Nursing Care of Children (2)
NURS 316 Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family (2)
NURS 346 Ethical, Legal and Spiritual Dimensions of Nursing Practice (1)
NURS 357 Community and Population Focused Nursing Care (2)
NURSP 358 Community and Population Focused Nursing Care Practicum (1)
NURS 390 Health Policy and Politics (2)
NURS 338 Mentoring in Professional Nursing III (0.5)
NURS 366 Advanced Nursing Therapeutics (3)
NURSP 367 Advanced Nursing Therapeutics Practicum (2)
NURSL 368 Advanced Nursing Therapeutics Lab (0)
NURS 392 Nursing Management in Professional Nursing Practice (3)
NURSP 393 Nursing Management in Professional Nursing Practice Practicum (3)
Advanced Placement (12.5 Credit Hours)
When students complete 12 credit hours of nursing courses with a nursing grade-point average of 2.3 or greater, 12.5 additional hours will be added as Advanced Placement hours. Courses below reflect the source of the 12.5 credit hours of Advanced Placement hours applied to the transcript after completing 12 credit hours of nursing courses with an NGPA of 2.3 or greater.
NURS 336 Introduction to Nursing Therapeutics and Illness Management (3)
NURSP 337 Introduction to Nursing Therapeutics and Illness Management Practicum (2)
NURS 347 Nursing Care of the Older Adult (3)
NURS Nursing Elective (2)
NURSP 317 Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family Practicum (1)
NURSP 343 Nursing Care of Children Practicum (1)
NURS 328 Mentoring in Professional Nursing I (0.5)

( ) = credit hours / / = classroom hours