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Middle Grade Endorsements

Middle grade endorsements are available for candidates completing a certification program in either elementary, secondary or K-12 education. To earn an endorsement in a subject area taught in middle schools, candidates are required to have the equivalent of 3 credit hours of middle grade philosophy, curriculum, instruction and methods and three credit hours of early adolescent psychology, in addition to at least 18 credit hours in the endorsed subject. At Saint Xavier University, EDU 359: Methods, Curriculum and Philosophy of Teaching in the Middle School and PSYCH 201: Adolescence and the Transition to Adulthood satisfy the two specific middle school course requirements. For the subject area, most endorsements require 18 credit hours in one subject; but six endorsements (bilingual education, bilingual special education, English as a second language, mathematics, reading, and safety and drivers education) require either additional hours, specific course requirements and/or additional testing.

Middle grade endorsements awarded by SXU at the time of certification require 6 credit hours of SXU middle school education: PSYC 201/EDUG 508 and EDU 359/EDUG 459

Minimum 18 credit hours of college level coursework in the endorsed area (see exceptions below)


*Information about specific requirements can be obtained from the Office of Teacher Education and Certification.

( ) = credit hours / / = classroom hours