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State of Illinois Certification Requirements

Each person applying for an early childhood, elementary, high school or K-12 teaching certificate must pass the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS) Basic Skills test (#300) or Test of Academic Proficiency (#400), the appropriate test(s) of content-area knowledge, and the assessment of professional teaching (specific to the grade range of the certificate).

The Basic Skills test or Test of Academic Proficiency must be taken and passed as part of the benchmark I requirements and prior to enrollment in level 2 courses. In lieu of the Basic Skills test or the TAP, a test score of 22 on the ACT exam, including the writing portion, or a score of 1030 on the SAT (including Math and Critical Thinking) may be submitted. The ICTS content-area test(s) must be passed prior to the start of clinical practice (student teaching). Candidates must pass the assessment of professional teaching before they will be eligible for a teaching certificate.

Complete information on the certification testing program is found at the ICTS website.