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Field Experiences

Programs offered through the School of Education provide opportunities for candidates to apply the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for effective professional practice through planned, sequenced and assessed field experiences. The transfer of pedagogical knowledge and skill to professional practice is accomplished through pre-student teaching field experiences and clinical practice (student teaching) at the initial certification level, and through internship and practicum experiences at the advanced certification levels.

Field experiences are intended to provide candidates with opportunities to broaden and deepen their understanding of educational theory and integrate this theory with educational practice. Therefore, these experiences

  1. connect candidates with the community and provide them with learning experiences in a variety of educational environments with exposure to diverse cultures, encouraging candidates to embrace and celebrate the diversity of students in American schools;
  2. are directly connected with professional courses and are designed to sequentially complement and expand upon University course content;
  3. are assigned by the Office of Teacher Education and Certification to take place in selected educational settings that have written contracts with the University, which serve to establish a professional development relationship;
  4. are supervised by University faculty in collaboration with selected in-service certified educators;
  5. are documented by University procedures that describe the quantity and qualitative characteristics of candidates' experiences;
  6. are a part of candidates' course credit load and are assessed commensurate with performance;
  7. take place during typical daytime school hours; and
  8. recognize NCATE, ISBE and institutional standards and follow state of Illinois and Saint Xavier University School of Education policies.

The field experiences associated with each program are noted as part of the course descriptions. Candidates are required to complete all field experience requirements associated with School of Education coursework prior to clinical practice. Candidates who intend to complete their clinical practice in private schools must complete a minimum of 60 hours of field experience in public school settings.