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CPA Preparation

Any student planning a career in accounting should consider options for preparing to take the certified public accountant (CPA) exam. In addition to completing the BBA in accounting, students will need to complete 30 additional credit hours (thus completeing their degree with a total of 150 credit hours). These additional credit hours may be at either the undergraduate or graduate level and may be in disciplines other than accounting.


  1. Pursue a career in accounting without a CPA, possibly with an alternative certification such as a certified management accountant (CMA).
  2. Complete additional undergraduate hours (30 credit hours) in accounting-related areas, such as management information systems, computer science or finance, including a possible double-major.
  3. Take the additional credits at the graduate level at Saint Xavier University and earn an MBA.  One option would be a special 4+1 program allows students to earn a BBA and an MBA in 5 years.
  4. Take the additional credits at the graduate level at Saint Xavier University and earn a graduate certificate.
  5. Complete a graduate degree at another university.