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President's Office

Christine M. Wiseman (2010)
President of the University
Marquette University Law School (1973)

Gail Young (2012)
Executive Assistant to the President
M.A. in Teaching-History
University of Chicago
Masters in Dispute Resolution
Marquette University  

Kathleen Rinehart (2011)
General Counsel
Marquette University Law School

Ryan R. Cleary (2010)
Project Manager
B.A. in Organizational Communications
Saint Xavier University (2008)

Academic Affairs

Dr. Paul DeVito (2013)
Ph.D. in Psychology
University of Pittsburgh (1980)

Kathleen Alaimo (1992)
College of Arts and Sciences (2006)
Ph.D. in History
University of Wisconsin-Madison (1988)

Maribel Acevedo (2009)
Office Manager
Title III grant/C.E.L.E.
Saint Xavier University (2013)

Charles P. Alexander (2011)
Student Engagement Coordinator
Title III grant/C.E.L.E.
M.A. in Speech Communication
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (2011)

Elena Carrillo (2008) 
Academic Advisor
B.S. in Technology Management
University of St. Francis (2004)

Elizabeth Carroll (2007)
Technical Analyst
Records and Advising
B.S. in Public Relations
Illinois State University (2002)

Wendy Connolly (2007)
Director, Clinical Practice
School of Education
M.A. in Educational Administration
Loyola University (1977)

Greg Coutts (1987)
Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences (2006)
Ph.D. in Music Theory
Northwestern University (1991)

Laura Earner (1991)
Assistant Dean
Graham School of Management
MBA in Marketing
Saint Xavier University (1988)

John Eber (1997)
Graham School of Mangement
Ed.D. in Business Education and Accounting
Northern Illinois University ((1983)

Mitra Fallahi (1998)
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
School of Education (2004)
Ph.D. in Education
Marquette University (1993)

Peg Gallagher (2006)
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
School of Nursing
Ed.D. in Education
Northern Illinois University (2003)

Alberta Gatti (1998)
Title III grant/C.E.L.E.
Associate Professor of Spanish
Ph.D. in Hispanic Language and Literature
Boston University (1998)

Beverly Gulley (1997)
School of Education
Ph.D. in Elementary Education
Southern Illinois University (1974)

Judith Hiltner (1991)
Assistant Director, Honors Program
Ph.D. in English
University of Maryland (1979)

Gloria Jacobson (2009)
School of Nursing
Ph.D. In Nursing
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (1991)

Therese M. Johnson (2004)
Advising and Educational Planning Services
M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling
University of Houston (1991)

Michelle Keller (2002)
Certification Advisor & Evaluator

School of Education
B.A. in Liberal Studies
Saint Xavier University (2011)

Maureen L'Amas (2004) 
Circulation Desk Coordinator

Nancy Lockie (1981) 
Associate Dean for Administration 
School of Nursing (2005) 
Ed.D. in Education 
Northern Illinois University (1988)

Lisa Lyons (2005)
Academic Resource Advisor 
M.S. in College Student Personnel 
Western Illinois University (2005)

Yue Ma (2012) 
Technology Integration Coordinator
Title III grant/C.E.L.E.
Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technology
M.S. in Instructional System Technology
Indiana University-Bloomington (2012)

Wanda Manning (2003)
Director, Off-Campus Programs
School of Education (2004)
MBA, Benedictine University (1994)
M.Ed., Saint Xavier University (2011)

Christopher McCullough (2010)
Associate Dean and Accreditation Coordinator
School of Education
EDD in Educational Leadership
West Virginia University (2007)

Eileen McCann (2010)
Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Program
School of Nursing
D.N.P. in Nursing
Rush University (2007)

Kathy McElligott (1990)
Executive Secretary
Office of the Provost  

Anita Morgan (2002)
Technical Services Librarian
Dominican University (2002)

Darlene O'Callaghan (1975)
Assistant Dean, Special Initiatives
School of Nursing
M.S.N. in Nursing
Loyola University (1976)

Colleen O' Hara (2009)
Director, Center for International Education
M.A. Intercultural Relations
Lesley University (2002)

Michael O'Keeffe (1997) 
General Education Program (2010)
Ph.D. in Theology
University of Notre Dame (1994)

Leslie M. Petty (2004)
Continuing and Adult Education (2005)
Ed.D. in Innovation and Leadership
Wilmington University (2004)

Lawrence Prentice (2012)
Academic Advisor
Advising and Educational Planning Services
M.A. in Sociology
DePaul University (2013)

Deborah Rapacz (2009)
Executive Director of Graduate Programs
M.S. in Marketing Communications
Northwestern University (1992)

Margaret Rehfeld (1991)
Assistant Director for Technology
Records and Advising
B.A. in Liberal Studies
Saint Xavier University (2007)

Patti Roe (1998)
Assistant Director
Records and Registration (2000)
B.A. in Liberal Arts
Governors State University (2000)

Larry Sondler (2006)
Director of Teacher Education and Certification Officer
School of Education
M.S. in Teaching: Reading
University of Chicago (1972)

Barbara A. Sutton (1998)
Records and Registration
B.S. in Merchandising
Northern Illinois University (1972)

Mary Beth Tegan (2006)
Director, Honors Program 
Ph.D in English
University of Southern California (2004).

Richard Venneri (1991)
Associate Provost (2005)
Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies
University of Washington (1976)

Maureen Wogan (1981)
Assistant Provost (2006)
Records and Advising
M.A. in Education
Saint Xavier University (1994)

Chris Zakrzewski (2010)
Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technology (CIDAT)
Title III grant/C.E.L.E.
M.S. in Hospitality Administration
University of Nevada-Las Vegas (2004) 


Business and Finance Operations

Raymond Catania (2010)
Vice President for Business and Finance
M.B.A. Financial Management
De Paul University (1990)

Janet Noth (2008)
Executive Assistant
B.A. in English
Rollins College (1975)

Budget Management

Michelle Aloia (2012)
Budget Director
M.S. in Accounting
Benedictine University (2012)


Tina Frodyma (2011)
B.S. in Accounting
Governors State University (1996)

Jacqueline Dwyer (2011)
Assistant Controller
M.S. in Accounting and Financial Management
Keller Graduate School (2006)

Office of the Bursar

Judy Smith (1978)
Associate Bursar

Auxiliary Services

Linda Moreno (1996) 
Director, Auxiliary Services 
M.B.A. in Service Management 
Saint Xavier University (2005)

Julie Davis (2008) 
Manager, Auxiliary Services

Sandra Diaz (2009) 
Manager, Conferences and Facilities Scheduling

Yvonne Huels (1997) 
Manager, Print Services 
B.A. in Psychology 
Saint Xavier University (2001)

Rita Shine (1998) 
Manager, Mail Box

Information Technologies

Daniel Lichter (1997) 
Director, Data and Network Infrastructure 
M.S. in Finance 
Saint Xavier University (2005)
Saint Xavier University (1999)

Molly E. Maley Gaik (1999) 
Director, Administrative Technologies 
M.B.A. Information Systems Concentration 
Keller Graduate School of Management (1994)

Rola Othman (2005) 
Director, Information Technology Support 
M.B.A., M.A.C.S. 
Saint Xavier University (2003)

Joshua Van Tuyl (2002)
Associate Director, Media Services
B.S. in Communication
Purdue University (2001)

Financial Aid

Susan Swisher (1994)
Director of Financial Aid
B.A. in Psychology
University of Iowa (1979)

Laura Daly (2011)
Associate Director of Financial Aid
B.A. in English
Providence College (1999)

Eileen Donnelly (2003)
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
M.A. in School Counseling
Saint Xavier University (2009)

Jacqueline Griffin (2004)
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
M.B.A. in Financial Planning
Saint Xavier University (2007)


Peter Skach (2009)
Director of Facilities
B.A. in Communication Design
University of Illinois at Chicago (1986)

Diane Pucher (2007)
Manager, Facilities Administration
M.B.A. in Financial Fraud
Saint Xavier University (2009)

Leah Moore (2005)
Facilities Coordinator
B.A. in Liberal Studies
Saint Xavier University (2012)


Student Affairs

John P. Pelrine Jr. (2001)
Vice President for Student Affairs
M.P.S. in Pastoral Counseling
Loyola University Chicago (1983)

Kristy Allen (2006)
Assistant Director Shannon Center
B.S. in Recreation, Sport and Tourism
University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign (2005)

Ann Almasi (2011)
Associate Director of Residence Operations
M.S. in Education
Illinois State University (2003)

Rae Joyce Baguilat (2006)
Assistant Director of Residence Education
B.S. in Psychology
Loyola University Chicago (1998)

Jay Battles (2008)
Assistant Director Shannon Center
and Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
M.A. in Business Management 
Saint Xavier University (2008) 

Lee Cruz (1997)
Assistant Director of Career Services
MBA in Marketing
Lewis University (1989)

Kate DeGaetano (1999)
Head Athletic Trainer
M.A. in Education
Saint Xavier University (2010)

Eileen Doherty (1996)
Dean of Students
Ph.D. in Higher Education
Loyola University Chicago (2011)

Mike Dooley (1981)
Head Baseball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director
M.S. in Physical Education
Eastern Illinois University (1975)

Lisa Ebel (2006)
Head Women's Track and Field Coach
Head Women's Cross Country Coach
B.S. in Education
Saint Xavier University (2000)

Mike Feminis (1999)
Head Football Coach
M.S. in Physical Education
University of Illinois at Chicago (1993)

Mary Fitzpatrick (1999)
Assistant Director of Career Services
MBA in Training and Workplace Learning Management
Saint Xavier University (2008)

Kristel Flynn (2009)
Student Support Specialist
Student Success Program
M.A. in Communication, Media and Theatre
Northeastern Illinois University (2009)

Charles Frazzini (2006)
Deputy Director of Public Safety and Captain of Police

Jon Greco (2010)
Associate Director of Public Safety and Lieutenant of Police
M.S. in Criminal Justice
Lewis University (1992)

Bob Hallberg (1999)
Director of Athletics
Head Women's Basketball Coach
M.S. in Physical Education
George Williams University (1969)

Robert Heersema (1987)
Head Women's and Men's Volleyball Coach
B.S. in Physical Education
University of Illinois at Chicago (1986)

Rob Huizenga (2003)
Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information
M.S. in Sports Management
Illinois State University (2003)

Courtney Huff (2012)
Assistant Director of Campus Life
for New Student Programs
M.S. in Student Affairs Administration
Binghamton University (2011)

Brian Kelley, LCPC (2006)
Counseling Services
M.A. in Community Counseling
Saint Xavier University (2006)

Jennifer Kjos Quinlan (2000)
Director of Shannon Center
MBA in Marketing
Saint Xavier University (2005)

Peter Kreten (2008)

Student Media
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
Saint Xavier University (2012)

Anne Larmon (2011)
Residence Life Services Manager
B.S. in Recreation, Park, Tourism & Administration
Western Illinois University (2002)

Erin Laske (2006)
Director, Emergency Management and Preparedness
B.S. in Biology
Saint Xavier University (2006)

Samantha Maher Sheahan (2008) 
Assistant Dean of Students
M.Ed.in Higher Education 
Loyola University Chicago (2004)

Mike Mandakas (2012)
Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach
B.S. in Business Management and Marketing
William Woods University (2001)

Matthew Marjan (2011) 
Student Support Specialist/Counselor
Student Success Program
M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Valparaiso University (2007)

Jodi Malloy Martin (1998)
Assistant Director of Career Services
B.A. in Psychology
Saint Xavier University (1998)

Ed McAllister (2004)
Head Men's Cross Country Coach
Head Men's Track and Field Coach
B.A. in History
DePaul University (1970)

Margaret Rose McDonnell (2008)
Learning Center and Disability Services
M.A.in Education
Saint Xavier University (1997)

Myra Minuskin (2000)
Assistant Athletic Director
Head Softball Coach
M.A. in Public Administration
University of Illinois (1985)

Tom O'Malley (1997)
Head Men's Basketball Coach
M.A. in Administrative Education
Loyola University (1971)

Jason Ortiz (2008)
Assistant Director of Residence Life
M.A. in Community Counseling
Saint Xavier University (2010)

Darrell Parks (1997)
Director of Security
B.A. in Communications
Ashford University (2011)

Dan Piet (2006)
Assistant Athletic Trainer (2006)
M.A. in Athletic Training
Illinois State University (2002)

Carla Porter-White, LPC (2012)
Counseling Services
M.A. in Clinical Psychology
Illinois School of Professional Psychology (1998)

Jean M. Riordan (2005)
Career Services
M.A. in Counseling Psychology
Saint Xavier University (1998)

Taneesha Rolland (2011)
Director, Student Success Program
M.A. Higher Educational Administration
Chicago State University (2003)

Carrie Schade (2003)
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
M.Ed. in Student Personnel Services
University of South Carolina (1997)

Sarah Schulfer, LCPC, CADC (2013)
AODEP Coordinator and Counselor
M.S. Clinical Psychology
Benedictine University (2006)

Karen Shockley (2008)
Counseling Services
M.S. in Clinical Psychology
Benedictine University (2004)

Mike Slovick (2005)
Assistant Football Coach
M.S. in Physical Education
Eastern Illinois University (1974)

Evan Strehlau (2012)
Head Women's Soccer Coach
B.S. in Kinesiology
University of Illinois at Chicago (2002)

Katie Szymczak (2010)
Assistant Director of Learning and Disability Services
M.A. in Special Education
Saint Xavier University (2011)

Katy Thompson (1999)
Associate Dean of Students
Director of Residence Life
M.A. in General Education
Saint Xavier University (2003)

Jack Touhy, CPC (2012)
Director of Public Safety, Chief of Police
M.A. in Public Administration
Governors State University (2010)

Ed Vucinic (2004)
Head Men's Soccer Coach
B.A. in Business Administration
Lewis University (1983)

Mary Lu Wasniewski (2008)
Assistant Director of Career Services
M.A. in Counseling
Saint Xavier University (2009)

Mark Yanule (1999)
Assistant Football Coach
B.A. in Communications
University of St. Francis (1994)


Brian Hotzfield (2002)
Director of Admission
MBA in Project Management
Saint Xavier University (2010)

Debra Barkowski (2008)
Assistant Director of Freshman Admission and Veteran Recruitment
B.A. in French
Elmhurst College (1996)

Sean Bea (2013)
Transfer Admission Counselor
B.A. in History
Saint Xavier University (2011)

Cindy Diaz (2013)
Freshman Admission Counselor
B.B.A. in Marketing
B.A. in Spanish and Community Services
Saint Xavier University

Lori Brett (1997)
Associate Director, Enrollment/Information Systems
MBA Management Information Systems
Governors State University (1997)

Brian Condon (2006)
Graduate Admission Counselor
M.A. Education
Saint Xavier University (2010)


Donna Ehlers (1993)
Senior Manager, Support Operations
B.S. in Business
Saint Xavier University (2002)

Amber Lyman (2012)
Transfer Admission Counselor
M.A. in Counseling
Saint Xavier University (2011)

Griselda Magallenes (2007)
Manager, Communication Services
B.S. in Telecommunications Management
Devry University (2003)

James Peltzer (2010)
Assistant Director- Transfer Admission  
M.A. in Counseling Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (2008)

Kimberly Stabosz (2011)
Freshman Admission Counselor
B.A. in English Writing
Illinois Wesleyan University (2009)


Research, Planning and Assessment

Kathleen Carlson (1997)
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology
Loyola University of Chicago (1978)

 Carmel Horan (2001)
Research Assistant
BBA in Finance
Loyola University of Chicago (1992)

University Advancement

Steven J. Murphy (1986)
Vice President for University Advancement
Ed.D. in Educational Policy
Northern Illinois University (1986)

Michelle Bohacik (2005)
Assistant Director/Post-Award Grants Manager
M.B.A. in Management
Saint Xavier University (2010) 

Jon-Pierre A. Bradley (2007)
Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Saint Xavier University (2012)

Sister Ann Flanagan, R.S.M. (2007)
Assistant Director of Development, Planned Giving Officer
M.S. in Community Health Education
George Williams College (1980)

Ruth K. Hansen (2003)
Associate Director, Corporate, Government & Foundation Relations
M.J. in Business Law
Loyola University Chicago School of Law (2001)

Kendyl L.  Lyons (2011)
Assistant Director for Annual Giving
B.A. in Communication
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2011)

Jamie F. Manahan (2000)
Executive Director of Alumni and Parent Relations 
B.S. in Applied Psychology 
Loyola University of Chicago (1986)

George B. Rattin (2012)
Director of Development
M.Ed. in Education Administration and Supervision
Loyola University, Chicago (2000)

Jill M. Roggeveen (2003)
Senior Associate Director Leadership Giving
B.S. in Communication - Advertising
Bradley University (2003)

Colleen A. Sehy (2002)
Executive Director, Corporate, Government & Foundation Relations
M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior
Benedictine University (1994)

Anna Rose Wilk (2003)
Executive Director of Advancement Services
MBA in E Commerce
Saint Xavier University (2007)

Office for University Ministry

Graziano Marcheschi (2012)
Executive Director for University Ministry
Doctor of Ministry
University of Saint Mary of the Lake (2005)

Campus Ministry 

Esther Sanborn ( 2004) 
Director, Campus Ministry
M.Div. in Theology
University of Notre Dame (2004)

Thomas Cook (2012)
Campus Minister/Hall Minister
M.A. in Biblical Ministry
Catholic Theological Union (2012)

University Mission and Heritage

Sister Joy Clough, R.S.M. (2007)
Director, Office for University Mission and Heritage
Director, Center for Religion and Public Discourse
M.S. in Journalism
University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign (1972)


Carol Mucha, R.S.M. (2010) 
Director, MercyCare
Pastoral Ministry Volunteer
M.P.S. in Pastoral Studies
Loyola University

Margaret Schroeder (1999)
OUM Office Manager
Campus Ministry/University Ministry
Saint Xavier University (2012)

Avis Clendenen (1992)
Academic Liaison to OUM
Director, Pastoral Ministry Institute
Professor, Department of Religious Studies
D.Min., Chicago Theological Seminary (1988)
Ph.D., Theology and the Human Sciences
Chicago Theological Seminary (1993)


University Relations

Robert Tenczar (2006)
Vice President for University Relations
Saint Xavier University (2010)

Romana Amato (2010)
Web Strategist
M.A. in Writing and Publishing
DePaul University (2012)

Jeannette Boudos (1998)
Executive Director of Special Events
B.A. in Journalism
Northern Illinois University (1982)

Tommy Brassfield (2011)
University of Illinois (2009)

Kaley Callahan (2013)
Marketing Communications Specialist
B.A. in English
North Central College (2012) 

Richard Ducat (2008)
Assistant Director of Media Relations
Saint Xavier University (2011)

Kyle Dunleavy (2011)
Digital Media Specialist
B.A. in Digital Cinema
DePaul University (2010)

Jennifer Kenyeri (1999)
Director of Special Events
Saint Xavier University (2007)

Joan Knox (2006)
Executive Director
External and Legislative Affairs
B.A. in Liberal Studies
Saint Xavier University (2005)


Matt Kowynia (2013)
Assistant Digital/Social Media Specialist
B.A. in Digital Cinema
DePaul University (2012) 

Meagen LeStronge (2012)
Media Project Manager
B.A. in Elementary Education
Illinois State University (2008)

Erin Kresse (2010) 
Senior Editor
M.A. in Communication
Marquette University (2004)

Karen Psik (2000)
Executive Secretary

Karla Thomas (2011)
Executive Director of Media Relations
B.A. in Broadcast Journalism
Columbia College (1990)

Alejandra Torres (2002)
Senior Graphic Designer
B.A. in Journalism
Saint Xavier University (2000)

Sherry Welch (2013)
Web Content Editor
M.A. in Writing and Publishing
DePaul University (2012) 

Leila Younis (2010)
Web Application Developer
MS in Management Information Systems
Keller Graduate School of Management (2010)

Jennifer Younker (2006)
Executive Director of Communications
M.A. in Communication and Training
Governors State University (2004)