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Department of Mathematics


MATH 491: Methods in Middle School/Junior High School Mathematics (3)  
Ten clinical hours
Cross Reference: EDU 491
Prerequisite: consent of the instructor
Offered every spring
This course includes integrated content and methods appropriate for the middle school mathematics program. Topics are selected from the real number system and its operations, probability, statistics, measurement, geometry and algebra. Research implications in these areas are considered for the middle grades. Calculators and computers are integrated throughout the course.

MATH 499: Apprenticeship in College Teaching (3)  
Prerequisite: consent of instructor and department chairperson
The student serves as an apprentice to an individual full-time mathematics faculty member in a selected lower-level mathematics course (usually 100 level). Open only to those invited to enroll by a mathematics faculty member with approval of the department chairperson.

( ) = credit hours / / = classroom hours