Annual Security Report and the Annual Fire Safety Report

Reporting Crime and Other Incidents

Community members, students, faculty, staff, and guests are highly encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents, or unsafe or hazardous conditions to the Department of Public Safety in a timely manner. 

Crimes should be reported to the Department of Public Safety to ensure inclusion in the annual crime statistics and to aid in providing timely warning notices to the community when appropriate.

Public Safety Emergency Extension 3911
Public Safety Non-Emergency Extension 3541
Administrative Office Coordinator 3950

From off campus you can reach the Department of Public Safety at (773) 298-3911 or 3541.

Confidential Hotline  3838

The Department of Public Safety operates a confidential hotline at extension 3838.  The purpose of this hotline is to provide a convenient and secure way for students, staff and faculty to report suspicious activities or events on campus 24 hours a day.  Messages are checked regularly by department administrators.

Emergency Telephones

University parking lots are equipped with emergency telephones that will automatically ring to the Department of Public Safety Dispatch Center 24 hours a day.  The exterior emergency telephones are either yellow or gray in color with a red placard affixed to the outside. Simply push and release the emergency button to activate a two-way emergency response call to Public Safety, and speak clearly into the microphone.  You may also use any of the red emergency house phones located inside the Warde Academic and Shannon Centers.   These phones may be used for reporting any crime, an emergency, a suspicious situation, or to report an injury or any unsafe condition.

Other Incidents Reporting

Public Safety: Campus Services Center or Rubloff Hall (after hours), 773-298-3911 (24 hours)
Dean of Students: Eileen Doherty, Room L103, 773-341-5060, edoherty@sxu.edu
Residence Life: Rubloff Hall, 773-298-3977 or any member of the staff
Counseling Center: Modular Unit west of Pacelli Hall, 773-298-3131
Health Center: Modular Unit north of Regina Hall, 773-298-3712

Please note that the Counseling Center and the Health Center are designated as confidential reporting personnel.