Annual Security Report and the Annual Fire Safety Report

Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Programs

During Freshman Orientation Center on University Services (FOCUS), Transfer Student Orientations and Adult Student Orientations, students are informed of services offered by the Department of Public Safety. Slide presentations and hand-outs outline ways to maintain personal safety and residence hall security. Students are told about crime on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods. Crime Prevention, Fire Safety, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Identity Theft Prevention Programs and information are offered on a continual basis.

A common theme of all awareness and crime prevention programs is to encourage students and employees to be aware of their responsibility for their own security and the security of others. To enhance personal safety, especially after evening classes, walk with a friend or someone from class that you know well, or call the Department of Public Safety for a protective escort.

When time is of the essence, information is released to the University community through security alerts posted prominently throughout campus, through computer memos sent over the University’s electronic mail system, text messaging system and voice mail system.

Additional Programs

Beginning with the fall of 2015, all students are being required to view Every Choice Matters, an online intrapersonal violence prevention program from Student Success™. This video-based program provides critical information about Consent, Bystander Intervention, Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking.

Each fall, all new first-year students are required to attend a live presentation on sexual violence prevention by Catharsis Productions.

The curriculum for Transitions, a required course for first-year students, includes a unit on healthy choices and sexual violence prevention.