Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The Saint Xavier University provides a professional Public Safety Department to serve its students, faculty and staff. The Department of Public Safety is committed to the highest quality of protective services in order to maintain and improve our unique educational environment and quality of life.

The University is patrolled 24-hours a day by Public Safety officers using a vehicle equipped with a mobile computer and emergency response equipment.  Public Safety officers are responsible for observing, reporting, and taking appropriate actions in all instances of suspicious or criminal activity. They are also responsible for detecting and reporting fire and safety hazards, as well as implementing evacuation procedures.

The Department of Public Safety is currently involved in a multi-year initiative to upgrade and transition a number of security officer positions to state certified police officers. Sworn members of the University Police Division possess the same authority as municipal police officers and county sheriffs.

The Public Safety personnel are also assigned to the front desks of the residence halls. Officers assigned to residence halls are responsible for maintaining order and access control with the assistance of residence hall directors and student desk officers. Security enhancements in the residence halls include a swipe-card access control system and the use of restricted keys.

The services listed below are provided by the Department of Public Safety and cover a variety of programs. Some of the most requested programs are:

  1. Vehicle Assistance: This can range from starting a dead battery to contacting a local service station for additional assistance. This program also includes opening locked vehicle doors - This request requires a standard waiver form to be completed and signed by the owner of the locked vehicle.
  2. Room Lockout Assistance: This program is designed to assist any student in entering their authorized room. A fee will be submitted to a student's bill and a copy of this payment will be distributed to Students Services.
  3. Protective Escort Service: The department provides protective escorts to any location on campus. Contact the Public Safety dispatcher at 3911 to request assistance.
  4. University Shuttle: Shuttle service is provided from the Warde Academic Center (McGuire Hall entrance), Parking Lot 14, Off-Campus Housing Apartments, as well as the Visual Arts, Pulaski and Driehaus Centers. Each shuttle stop is clearly designated with a sign. The shuttle departs every 30 minutes beginning at 7:30 a.m. and running through 10:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you are working late and need a ride to the Pulaski lot after 10:15 p.m., simply dial 0 to contact a Public Safety Dispatcher.
  5. Emergency Telephones: Most University parking lots are equipped with emergency telephones that will automatically ring to the Department of Public Safety Dispatch Center 24 hours a day. The emergency telephones are either yellow or gray in color with a red placard affixed to the outside. Simply push and release the emergency button to activate a two-way emergency response call to a Public Safety dispatcher. Please speak clearly into the microphone. This phone may be used for any emergency situation or to report an injury or any unsafe condition. It may also be used for requesting vehicle lockout assistance, a battery jump, protective escort, and reporting vehicle damage or an accident.
  6. Parking Permits: Students, faculty and staff may purchase the SXU Parking Permit either via Self-Service on mySXU or at the Public Safety Office, CSC 100, Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  A vehicle regulation pamphlet and a map of the University and parking lots are provided with the permit.

Please contact Public Safety at 773-298-3950 with any questions or to share comments.

Emergency: SXU extension 3911; 773-298-3911
Non-Emergency: SXU ext. 3541; 773-298-3541
Confidential Hotline: SXU ext 3838; 773-298-3838
Campus Service Center: Room CSC 100
Email Address publicsafety@sxu.edu