Safety and Security

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Alcohol Policy

Saint Xavier University students are expected to abide by Illinois state laws concerning the drinking age. The sale, possession, consumption and service of alcoholic beverages by any person under the age of 21 is prohibited in accordance with Illinois state law.

Possession by any individual of alcoholic beverages in residence halls is prohibited. Students not consuming, but in the presence of alcohol, are also subject to disciplinary action. For the enforcement of status or regulatory offenses which are marked by the absence of a specific victim, University police or security officers will use their discretion in deciding whether the police objective and mission is best served by an arrest or referral to the student conduct system.

When some members and/or guests of a student group, club or organization are under the legal drinking age at an off-campus event, the members of the organization and their guests are responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with University policy and with state laws.

With the exception of Gilhooley's Grande Saloon, students and/or their guests may not possess, sell or consume alcoholic beverages on University property. Students may not purchase alcoholic beverages with University-approved student fees or with any other student funds that are collected and administered by a student organization or club. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action.

On rare occasions, students and/or their guests, who are 21 years of age or older, may apply for permission to possess or consume alcoholic beverages at an approved University function. Those who so wish to obtain such permission must consult with the Dean of Students no later than 10 days prior to the date of the event. Permission will be granted only when a series of stringent precautionary and control measures have been arranged so that those attendees who are under 21 years of age will not be served alcoholic beverages. At no time may students and/or their guests sell or effect the commercial delivery of alcoholic beverages on University property.

At any on-campus or off-campus events at which students and/or guests under 21 years of age are present, and where alcoholic beverages are served or provided by an official Saint Xavier University department, organization or club as part of the event, prior University approval must be obtained. Saint Xavier University assumes no responsibility for any liability incurred as the result of a department's, club's or organization's violation of these rules or of any state or city law governing the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Drug Policy

Members of the University community are subject to federal, state and local laws. Illinois law prohibits the possession or use of marijuana, narcotics and hallucinogenic drugs, either in the refined or crude form, except under the direction of a licensed physician or dentist. The possession, use, distribution and/or sale of marijuana, narcotics and hallucinogenic drugs are prohibited. Violations of these regulations may result in disciplinary action, ranging from a written statement of an official warning up to legal civil actions and expulsion from the University. Individuals convicted of unlawfully possessing or distributing illicit drugs and alcohol may face misdemeanor or felony charges, which are punishable by sanctions up to and including imprisonment.

Counseling and Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Problems

  1. Drugs and alcohol are dangerous substances, which can lead to serious physical problems with all major organs. Even a single abuse of these substances can endanger lives and cause irreparable harm to oneself and others.
  2. Students who may have been or are using drugs may request counseling on campus or a referral to outside agencies. If a student enters into a counseling relationship, it will be regarded as privileged information and be treated in a confidential manner.

An extensive list of drug and alcohol counseling treatment rehabilitation programs is available to students through the Office of Student Affairs, or by calling the Illinois Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse at 312-917-3840.

Members of the Saint Xavier University community are strongly encouraged to report all suspected illegal drug activity on or around the University's property to the Chicago Police Department or Saint Xavier University Public Safety immediately. Suspected drug activity can also be reported anonymously to the Cook County State's Attorney's Narcotics Nuisance Abatement Hotline at 773-869-DOPE.

The Office of the Dean of Students may notify parents/guardians of students under 21 years of age when a student is found responsible for (1) any violation of the drug policy, (2) a second violation of the alcohol policy and (3) a first violation of the alcohol policy when one or more of the following occurs: