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The SXU Health Center is now providing consultations and immunizations for travelers! We provide travel consultations, immunizations and other health-related travel information for members of the University and the general public. Phone consultations are not provided.

We recommend that you schedule your travel consultation six to eight weeks before your trip if possible. It can take about two weeks to build up an adequate immune response in your body after an immunization, and some immunizations are given in a series. However, it is still recommended that you come in for a consultation, even if there is a short time window before your trip.

What immunizations do you need for travel to other countries? Much depends on your personal health history, immunization history and the risk of illness in the areas you plan to visit.

Travel Consultation

A travel consultation consists of:

Preparing for your Travel Consultation

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance does not cover travel consultations or travel vaccines so this is a self-pay service. Call for our affordable rates. We can provide you with a walk-out statement if you would like to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

Make an Appointment

Call 773-298-3712 to schedule an appointment.