Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Tobacco-Free Campus

Tobacco Users

SXU will provide assistance to those members of the University community who wish to overcome tobacco addictions.

Rules of Thumb

How to be Compliant with the Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

The Tobacco-Free Campus Policy prohibits tobacco use on all SXU property, so tobacco users need to plan ahead for compliance while they are on campus. Here are a few tips to help you create a plan that will work for you:

A tobacco-free environment can be helpful for quitting. If at any point you are interested in quitting, please consult SXU Health Center or the Employee Wellness Program or call the Illinois Quitline at 1-866-QUIT-YES.

Quit Resources

For those students, faculty and staff who use tobacco and would like information about reducing tobacco use or quitting, SXU has several options for you:

  1. There are medications available that can help you quit, both over the counter and by prescription. The nurse practitioners at the SXU Health Center can discuss what the best options may be for you and give you prescriptions as needed. Please call for an appointment (773-298-3712).
  2. SXU will offer the Courage to Quit Program. This program designed by the Respiratory Health Association helps facilitate those who wish to quit smoking in a supportive, small group environment. Courage to Quit is six (6) sessions over seven (7) weeks and will meet on campus. Those who wish to participate will not need to quit until week three (3). If you are interested in this program please contact the SXU Health Center at or call 773-298-3712.
  3. If you prefer one-on-one phone counseling, the Illinois Tobacco Quitline provides free phone counseling and support at 1-866-QUIT-YES. This is a statewide telephone helpline staffed by trained counselors who can provide information about quitting and can work with you to develop a customized quitting plan.
  4. Little Company of Mary Hospital Health Education Center offers a Commit to Quit Hypnosis Program for $70.  Registration is required. Contact Little Company of Mary directly for the schedule and to register at 708-423-5774.
  5. You may also contact your primary care physician.

The American Cancer Society provides a timeline of health milestones individuals can look forward to once they've quit.