Breakfast with the Experts

Previous Speakers

In winter 2009, Saint Xavier University began the Breakfast with the Experts series, bringing notable business, community and civic leaders to the South Side to share their insights, experience and industry knowledge with local residents, business people and the University community. The one-hour breakfasts are highly interactive and informative, and are designed to engage all participants. Breakfast begins at 7:45 a.m. and features a networking session, keynote address, and question and answer period.

The event is jointly sponsored by SXU and the Beverly Area Planning Associate.

Garry McCarthy

February 19, 2014: Garry McCarthy, superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, spoke to a group of 75 business leaders, community members and Saint Xavier faculty and staff. McCarthy discussed strategies he has implemented in the Chicago police department, such as introducing the use of CompStat organizational management tool. He also discussed other innovative approaches to crime prevention, such as deploying officers to areas where retaliatory violence is likely to occur after a shooting; increasing foot patrols; and providing more officers in high crime neighborhoods, even if it means fewer officers in low crime areas. Additionally, he addressed the importance of gun control for the city.

Mitch Rosen

April 23, 2013: Mitch Rosen, WSCR 670 "The Score" Program Director, spoke to a group of 50 business leaders and Saint Xavier students. Rosen's talk, titled "Chicago Sports Radio 2013," explored how content interaction with sports fans has changed how they follow Chicago teams. He also discussed the station's approach to advertising, as well as the challenges of managing media personalities.

Anne Pramaggiore

October 18, 2012: Anne R. Pramaggiore, president and chief executive officer of ComEd, spoke to a group of 60 business leaders and Saint Xavier students about upgrades ComEd has recently made in the new smart grid technology under the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA). ComEd's grid modernization program involves strengthening the existing power grid and then adds new, digital smart grid and smart meter technology that will transform the delivery of electricity to homes and businesses.

Gary Schenkel

March 15, 2012: Gary Schenkel, executive director of the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications, spoke to an audience of 60 business leaders about the heightened security concerns regarding the NATO Summit in Chicago this May. With more than 50 heads of state coming to the NATO Summit, Schenkel shared how the city prepared for the historic diplomatic meeting in a talk titled "Logistics and Planning for the NATO Summit."

Schenkel has significant leadership experience in a wide range of areas, including law enforcement, organizational structuring and transformation efforts, security planning for public and private facilities, logistical planning and execution, and business administration. Throughout his career, Schenkel has established excellent relationships and has a clear understanding of the place security holds in the flow of commerce.

Terrance A. Duffy

January 27, 2011: The Honorable Terrance A. Duffy, CME Group executive chairman and former presidential adviser, spoke to an audience of 60 business leaders in a speech titled "Current Perspective," which included his view of the futures industry and current economic landscape.

Duffy has been executive chairman of CME Group since July 2007. He previously served as chairman of the board of CME and CME Holdings since April 2002 and executive chairman since October 2006. Former President George W. Bush appointed Duffy to serve on a National Saver Summit on Retirement Savings in 2002 and to serve as a member of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board in 2003.

Duffy serves on SXU's board of trustees, World Business Chicago's board of directors and the American Ireland Fund's regional advisory board. He is co-chair of the Mayo Clinic Greater Chicago Leadership Council, vice chairman of the CME Group Foundation and chairman of the NYMEX Foundation.

James Tyree

February 3, 2010: James Tyree, former chairman and CEO of the international financial services firm Mesirow Financial and chairman of Sun-Times Media Holdings, LLC., addressed an audience of 100 about the state of the American business climate.

In his opening remarks, Tyree attributed his upbringing in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood and suburban Oak Lawn with helping him succeed in the business world. He said he wished he could give his own children the strong sense of community he found in his youth.

Brooks Boyer

December 16, 2009: Brooks Boyer, vice president and chief marketing officer for the Chicago White Sox, spoke to an audience of more than 50 local business people and community members in his speech titled, "The Business of Baseball." Brooks delved into popular White Sox promotional events, creating a successful sports entertainment experience and new marketing strategies for the Sox.

Tom Dart

March 12, 2009: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart addressed a host of topics ranging from forced evictions to dog fighting rings. Dart also provided an expansive explanation of his lawsuit against Craig's List to force the online site to do more to prevent sexual services from being advertised in its classified section. He said that he believes Craig's List does not do more because the advertisements substantially increase the numbers of visitors to Craig's List, which in turn allows greater advertising rates to be charged.

Laurence Msall

February, 19, 2009: Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, described America's financial crisis and its potential effects on Illinois. Msall pulled no punches during his presentation and question/answer session, noting many cases where he foresees enormous shortfalls in state, county and Chicago government. He warned against Cook County borrowing to meet operational expenses, cited an increased sales tax that funded additional personnel rather than balance the county budget, noted future shortfalls for pensions, and criticized Illinois for a lack of infrastructure planning in order to be ready for federal assistance opportunities.