Saint Xavier Council

Saint Xavier Council (SXC)

We, Saint Xavier Council, strive to promote unity on campus, instill a sense of school pride and inspire students to become active and engaged members of the SXU community.                                   

 SXC serves as the…                        

Contact Us

Courtney Correa
Executive President
Email: correa.c01@mymail.sxu.edu

Abigail (Bobbi) Stanula
Executive Vice President for Legislation
Email: stanula.a01@mymail.sxu.edu

Kody Kleinrichert
Executive Vice President for Business & Finance
Email: kleinrichert.k01@mymail.sxu.edu

Anna O'Hara
Executive VIce President for Programming
Email: ohara.a01@mymail.sxu.edu

Student Life 
Office: WAC, L-103F
Phone: 773-298-3967
Email: sxc@mymail.sxu.edu