The Help Desk is your first line of defense against technology issues. Support is available during business hours, and trained staff can troubleshoot your computer and printer problems and provide quality customer service.

The Help Desk can be reached at 773-298-3291 or helpdesk@sxu.edu. The person staffing the Help Desk will complete a trouble report form, which will help them give you better and more efficient service. Some of the questions you will be asked include: type of equipment, type of software, your location, any screen messages, printer messages, or whether anyone else in your area experiencing the same type of problem.

Computer Lab Assistance

For assistance in the University computer labs, consult the lab assistant on duty. Our student lab assistants do their best to assist with software familiar to them and are responsible for ensuring that those who use our facilities are entitled to do so, and that lab users are considerate of others.

Network Assistance

We have created a computer network information line at 773-298-3333. Any time you are having problems getting connected to the SXU website or some other University server, please call this line to check the current status of the network.

Network problems may also be reported to the Help Desk at 773-298-3291.