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Honors Program

The Honors Program at Saint Xavier University offers an enriched academic experience to highly motivated students. Qualified students are invited to participate in the Honors Program either at the Honors Core level or by completing all requirements of the Honors Scholar Track. The Honors Core track provides a challenging general education experience for students who wish to participate in Honors for a more integrated and cohesive cross-disciplinary foundation for their major concentrations. The Honors Scholar Track provides an extended undergraduate experience that builds upon the Honors Core, and continues through the student's completion of their major and minor fields of study. The Honors Scholar Track affords students the opportunity to integrate habits of critical inquiry, close reading and analytical writing, cultivated in the Honors Core with their increasing proficiency in their major field. Honors Scholars are challenged to engage in field experiences beyond the classroom, and to pursue independent research and creative projects, working closely with faculty mentors. Both tracks offer students stimulating honors courses unified by common or complementary learning objectives and pedagogical approaches, and co-curricular activities that build on course content and classroom practices for a cohesive learning experience. At all levels of engagement, students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to make connections across seemingly discrete learning environments.

Students in the Honors Program enjoy the benefits of close advising and personalized registration to guarantee coordination of honors coursework with the requirements of their major. Students who complete the program will be awarded an Honors diploma upon graduation, and their undergraduate transcripts will note their successful completion of honors coursework. This accomplishment supplies impressive credentials for future employment or for graduate study. Honors students may pursue any major offered at Saint Xavier University. Qualified transfer students are also invited to participate in the program after analysis of their previous college course work.


M. B. Tegan, Director

Admission to the Program

Students will be invited into the program on the basis of the credentials they submit with their application to Saint Xavier University. Other highly motivated students with a keen interest in the program will also have the opportunity to apply. All Honors Program candidates will be considered for University scholarships.

Honors Program Requirements

Honors Students must:

Complete five Honors Units to graduate as an Honors Core Graduate. One of the units must be Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar, preferably taken after completion of the other four courses.

Complete seven Honors Units to graduate as an Honors Scholar. One of these units must be Honors Capstone Project.

Students who enter the program as freshmen will participate during their first-year in cohorts that complete Honors Transitions and 3 Honors Units: Honors English, Honors Philosophy and Honors First Year Seminar.

Honors Units may include:

  1. Any 3 or 4 credit hour courses designated by the prefix HONOR, which can be used to satisfy General Education and/or Major or Minor requirements
  2. Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar, which can be used to satisfy General Education and/or Major or Minor requirements. (Second Semester Sophomore or above)
  3. Honors Fieldwork, 1-3 credit hours. Must result in approved final product, reflecting internship, service learning projects, study abroad, faculty mentored research, and other forms of experiential learning in the student's area of study. (Honors Scholar Track only)
  4. Honors Capstone Project, 3-6 credit hours. Must be presented in a public forum. (Second semester Junior or above)
  5. Honors Contract Course* Only one 3 or 4 credit hour course is eligible for credit in the Honors Scholar track.

*Students may complete one contract course with a professor teaching a 200-level or above course. The contract will stipulate what additional projects or requirements they must complete for the course to satisfy an Honors Unit credit. Contracts must be approved by the Honors Program Director. The contract process should encourage students to take responsibility for their learning, both by having to negotiate criteria appropriate for an honors designation and by developing a creative plan within the course framework.

Transfer Students

Once admitted into Honors, those transfer students who enter Saint Xavier with 45 or more credit hours of college coursework will be able to complete the requirements of Honors Scholar with four honors units, one of which must be Honors Capstone Project. These students will not qualify for the Honors Core Track. Transfers entering the program with fewer than 45 credit hours will have the same options as students entering the Honors Program as freshmen to complete the Honors Core with 5 Honors Units, or the Honors Scholar track with 7 Honors Units.