Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Transfer Credit Policy for Currently Enrolled Students

Courses Away Policy

Once enrolled at SXU, students generally complete their coursework at the University. However, students may petition to take a course at another accredited institution. Generally, no more than 12 credit hours can be taken off campus after enrollment at Saint Xavier. Other specific programmatic restrictions may also apply. Students should consult the catalog and their academic advisor to determine the specific restrictions for their major or minor.  

Students who wish to petition to take a course away from SXU must contact the Office of Records and Advising (A-203) to obtain an off-campus course approval form prior to taking the course. At this time, the Office of Records and Advising staff will review student eligibility and determine approval requirements.

In order to ensure that the course being proposed for transfer credit is needed and will fulfill a program requirement as requested, the student must indicate the requirement area on the off-campus course work approval form, attach a copy of his/her academic program evaluation (from Self-Service) and obtain the necessary approvals. Courses taken without this prior approval will not be accepted for transfer credit.

In addition to the general University transfer credit policy, the following rules apply:

  1. Courses that have been failed or in which the student did not earn a minimum acceptable grade at SXU cannot be retaken for credit outside of Saint Xavier University.
  2. Course grades earned away from SXU must meet the requirements of the University program into which they are being credited.
  3. Students cannot take a class off campus in a higher level than which they were placed by the SXU placement tests.
  4. Students on academic probation cannot take courses at another college without permission from the assistant provost in the Office of Records and Advising.
  5. Only courses that have received prior approval will be accepted for transfer credit.
  6. An official transcript must be submitted to the Office of Records and Advising to receive transfer credit.