National Alumni Board

About the SXU National Alumni Board

The SXU National Alumni Board of Directors represents decades, gender, academic areas of study and geographic area of the alumni constituency with representation expanding into Arizona, California, and Georgia.

As volunteers and ambassadors for Saint Xavier University, National Alumni Board members promote alumni outreach and fellowship coast to coast. Under the direction of the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, the National Alumni Board supports, through a variety of programs and events, the University's mission, vision and goals. Members play a significant role in recruiting and empowering other alumni to become more engaged with their alma mater.

The National Alumni Board continues to support the strategic goals of Saint Xavier University while fostering a spirit of loyalty and fellowship among alumni at a local and national level.

For additional information about membership on the National Alumni Board or about alumni activities in your region, please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 773-298-3316 or alumni@sxu.edu.

National Alumni Board members, 2015