Academic Advantage

Academic Advantage Program

Monday, July 22 - Friday, August 2
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Academic Advantage is an academic support program designed for a select group of incoming freshmen. Its two components, a two-week summer program and an ongoing first-year support program, are vital experiences to help students succeed in college. Students will participate in both parts. Academic Advantage helps first-year students develop the necessary skills and academic confidence to handle advanced learning in college. Students will be provided with small-group learning communities that also offer them a social group and support system as they enter SXU. Students will also receive individualized support services during the school year.

AA Two-Week Summer Program

During the two week on-campus program, admitted students will gain essential tools to succeed at SXU. Students will participate in the following:

AA First-Year Program

The AA First-Year program will be composed of three main areas: Academic Advising, Academic Tutoring, and Technology Instruction. Through these core areas, we offer the following Services:

For more information and program details, please contact:

Charles Alexander
Student Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 773-341-5892
Email: advantage@sxu.edu

Academic Advantage will provide a solid foundation of the skills and confidence that first-year students need to succeed at Saint Xavier University.