Scholarships and Awards

Outside and Other Scholarships 

Many businesses and community organizations offer scholarships to students. Individual scholarships have unique sets of criteria and varying deadline dates. Any organizations who share their scholarship data with SXU are noted below. Please use this resource to explore possibilities for additional funding.

You are also encouraged to visit Fastweb to search for additional scholarship opportunities, as well as contact your (your parents') employers, religious organizations, and other local groups to find other resources.

Be aware of scholarship scams that require payment to search or apply; you should not be charged a fee for information on a scholarship or to submit a scholarship application.

When you are awarded a scholarship from an organization outside of the University, please forward a copy of the scholarship notification letter to the Office of Financial Aid.

If you are from an organization who would like your scholarship listed here, please email us with the eligibility criteria and the direct URL to your scholarship information/application.

Scholarship Types

Any Major/Multiple Majors

Ethnic Background/Minority



Incoming Freshmen

Graduate Students

Transfer Students

Special Consideration


International Studies/Study Abroad




Human and Family Resources



Science and Technology

Study Abroad

Military, Veterans and Dependents