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Graduate Scholarships and Assistantships

Graduate Scholarships and Assistantships

Financing Your Graduate Education

There are a number of scholarship and assistantship opportunities available for students pursing graduate degrees at the University. New opportunities become available throughout the year so students and prospective students are encouraged to check back for postings each semester.


Scholarships are gift funds awarded to students based on academic achievement, interests or unique qualities, financial need or other criteria defined by the scholarship donor.

Below are links to graduate scholarship sources at Saint Xavier as well as scholarship sources outside the University.


Assistantship opportunities are available to new and currently enrolled graduate students at Saint Xavier. Assistantships consist of research, project or specialized assignment related work opportunities in various departments across the University.

Compensation for graduate assistantships also varies depending on the type of assistantship and respective job duties. Most graduate assistantships offer a specified tuition waiver amount and others may also offer a stipend or housing assistance.

Graduate Assistantship Postings

There are no assistantship opportunities currently posted. Please contact 773-298-3945 if you have any questions. 

External Scholarships and Resources

External scholarships and other resources for Graduate students can be found at the Outside Scholarships web page