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George and Eunice McGuire Scholarship

About the Scholarship

George K. McGuire (1918–1972) was appointed to the faculty of the Education Center (now the School of Education) at Saint Xavier College in 1959 after receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Promoted to the rank of professor in 1962, he served as director of the Education Center from 1969 to 1971. Prior to his association with the College (now a University), McGuire was assistant principal of the Laboratory School of the University of Chicago, where he served on the faculty. He taught at Loyola University and in the Chicago Public Schools and was published in the field of education.

In addition to the excellence* of his academic and scholarly contributions, McGuire was a caring and humane person who treated everyone he met with respect.* A thoughtful speaker and focused listener, he encouraged his students to speak well and listen carefully and actively. McGuire was a generous teacher who served as a model for students in a teacher preparation program.

Eunice McGuire was an intelligent and well-educated woman whose academic career also exemplified excellence. McGuire began her career in education in 1942 in southern Illinois. She later taught English at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for 39 years before retiring as head of the English Department in 1984.

Reflecting the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy who founded Saint Xavier University, the McGuires lived the virtue of hospitality.* They welcomed students, colleagues and all members of the SXU community. The McGuires were at home all over the globe, traveling extensively as citizens of the world. Their enthusiasm for nurturing future teachers and encouraging current teachers was well known. They supported all activities of Saint Xavier University and demonstrated their commitment to the University by providing a scholarship for a student in the School of Education.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted by December 15 and letters of recommendation should be postmarked or hand-delivered to WAC G-203 by 4 p.m. December 15.

The Award

The McGuire Scholarship Committee will honor the memory of the late George and Eunice McGuire by selecting a student who exemplifies the qualities of excellence, respect and hospitality. All undergraduate and graduate students (except MATL) in the Saint Xavier University School of Education are eligible to submit an application. Past tuition grants have been awarded to one undergraduate and one graduate winner. This year's scholarship award for each is $6,100. The grant is applied towards tuition in the following academic year.


Saint Xavier University
The McGuire Scholarship Committee
c/o School of Education
3700 W. 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655

*Exact amount of tuition grants depends on available funds from endowments and individual student's account status. Please check with Financial Aid before applying.

Application Form

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