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About the Scholarship

Dr. Lloyd Aldwyn Leake (1943-1996) served as dean of the School of Education at Saint Xavier University from August 1993 until shortly before his death in January 1996.

While at Saint Xavier, Dr. Leake secured reaccreditation for the School of Education and spearheaded efforts for an ongoing strategic planning process. Dr. Leake's spirit of hospitality and respect towards South African universities led to the development of the faculty and student global exchange program that promoted his core value of lifelong learning. Following Nelson Mandela's inauguration as president of South Africa in May of 1994, Dr. Leake traveled overseas at Mandela's invitation to study the social impact of education on black men in South Africa. In addition, Dr. Leake garnered the respect of high-ranking government officials and was selected by the secretary of state to participate in a special U.S. State Department conference on education and international relations.

Locally, Dr. Leake embraced the fundamental tenets of diversity and was in the process of creating innovative initiatives with the urban school systems to generate cooperative teaching relationships. At Saint Xavier, Dr. Leake was the highest ranking African-American administrator and served as both mentor and confidante for many African-American students on campus.

In order to continue his legacy of service* and compassion* that enabled people to more fully contribute to the world, his wife, Elsbeth F. Meuth-Leake, established a scholarship fund for African-American students at Saint Xavier University. Many of Dr. Leake's family members, colleagues and friends contributed to the fund in his memory.

Lloyd Leake grew up in Harlem and built a life unimaginable to most of his childhood friends. He set an example by transcending the seemingly impossible into a fulfilled and committed reality. He inspired many to do the same in their own lives. The Lloyd Leake Memorial Scholarship at Saint Xavier University is intended to provide opportunities for African-American students to follow Dr. Leake's example. The recipient will be an African-American undergraduate student who is admitted to the School of Education and demonstrates the attributes of excellence*, service* and integrity* that were embodied in Dr. Leake's life. Other requirements include an earned GPA of at least 2.8 and full-time enrollment in Saint Xavier University. Past award recipients and applicants are eligible to reapply annually, based on demonstrated achievement as a Saint Xavier student. Past tuition grants have been approximately $2,900.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted by December 15 and letters of recommendation should be postmarked or hand-delivered to WAC G-203 by 4 p.m. December 15.

The Award

The scholarship is a grant applied towards tuition in the following academic year.


Saint Xavier University
Dr. Lloyd Leake Scholarship Committee
c/o School of Education
3700 W. 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655

Only complete applications will be reviewed.

*Exact amount of tuition grants depends on available funds from endowments and individual student's account status. Please check with Financial Aid before applying. 

Application Form

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