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Elaine Gallagher Science Scholarship

About the Scholarship

Elaine Gallagher was a proud graduate of the class of 1951. For 40 years, Ms. Gallagher taught in the Chicago Public Schools with a commitment and zeal that were wonderful testimony to the education she received at Saint Xavier University. She modeled the University core values of service and learning for life.

A seventh and eighth grade science teacher, Ms. Gallagher believed that science was an interesting and exciting subject and she shared her enthusiasm for the world of nature with her students. After earning her master's degree in Education, Ms. Gallagher continued to take courses in science as a learner for life and a teacher who always sought creative ways to enrich her students' education. Courses at Brookfield Zoo and other science centers provided new areas for exploration with her students.

Ms. Gallagher was an energetic and enthusiastic person. She loved to read and to travel and she used those passions to expand her horizons and those of her students. An active member of the SXU Alumnae Association, she enjoyed attending concerts, plays, and lectures at Saint Xavier University. She remained connected with the School of Education, keeping in touch with the latest developments in the field.

She gave generously of her time to her school, volunteering on committees and mentoring new teachers. She gave generously of her time to her community, volunteering as a minister of care in her parish. Ms. Gallagher continued to fulfill her responsibilities until a week before her death. Asked why she continued as her energy was sapped by her struggle with cancer, she replied, "They count on me."

Ms. Gallagher was a woman who made a mark on the world. Her good deeds were done quietly and without fanfare, yet she used her gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of thousands of students, hundreds of colleagues, and a host of friends. She lived out the mission of Saint Xavier University that calls upon her graduates to "enhance lifelong learning, foster personal growth and develop leadership qualities."

Ms. Gallagher believed that her education at Saint Xavier University was instrumental in her success as a teacher and provided scholarship funds so that others could follow in her path. It is a path that follows the mission of the University and the School of Education, the heritage of the founding Sisters of Mercy, and the example of thousands of proud graduates of the School of Education. It is a path that has service and love of learning at its core and the gratitude of those who follow at its end.

Elaine Gallagher's qualities of commitment to excellence*, service*, compassion* and hospitality* were remarkable.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted by December 15 and letters of recommendation should be postmarked or hand-delivered to WAC G-203 by 4 p.m. December 15.

The Award

The Committee of the Elaine Gallagher Science Education Scholarship seeks to honor Ms. Gallagher by assisting an admitted School of Education student who possesses the service and learning for life qualities of Elaine Gallagher. The scholarship is a tuition grant of approximately $1,100 available to students who are science majors in secondary education or students in early childhood or elementary education or graduate programs who may teach science at any level.


Saint Xavier University
Elaine Gallagher Scholarship Committee
c/o School of Education
3700 W. 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655

**Exact amount of tuition grants depends on available funds from endowments and individual student's account status. Please check with Financial Aid before applying. 

Application Form

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