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Sister Margaret Grant, C.S.J. Award

The Sister Margaret Grant, C.S.J. Memorial Award is a monetary award presented to a graduating senior who has been accepted by a medical or law school, and who has demonstrated superior academic achievement and significant interactional skills in the classroom, extracurricular activities, civic involvement or employment.

Sister Margaret Grant was a member of the Saint Xavier Science faculty from 1969 to 1975. Following her service at Saint Xavier, Sister Margaret attended law school and served her order in that capacity.

The Sister Margaret Grant, C.S.J. Memorial Award was established through contributions from James A. Klein, M.D., L.L.D., an alumnus of Saint Xavier University.

Because many of the criteria for the award are the very criteria used by professional schools to select the students they admit, there are several worthy students each year at Saint Xavier. Therefore, in recent years, the award has been bestowed on the first student of a graduating class to be admitted to a professional school. In addition to a monetary award, the recipient's name is added to a plaque on the second floor of the S wing.


2004 1996 1990
Jessica Sulkowski Sakeba Sughayer Emil Zager
2003 1995 1989
Kenneth Allen Julia Prunicki Gwen Gottlinger
2002 1994 1988
Aneeq Rafiq Pam Brosnan Michael Kozek
2001 1993 1987
Christopher Rodriguez Karen Lawrence Karen Spurgash
1999 1992 1986
Stacie Raymond Laura Wiziecki Kathleen Halleran
1998 1991  
Andrew Johanek Mark Regnier