College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships

Marie S. Curie Fellowship

The fellowship program is designed to provide students with practical laboratory experience essential for professional growth in science related careers. Science students selected for the fellowship will receive a tuition scholarship. Students must have at least a 2.75 GPA. The student fellows work a minimum of five hours per week during each semester as a laboratory assistant in the Chemistry Department.

Previous Recipients

2009F – 2010S Darryl Brown
Angela Bush
Carizza Camposano
Cathryn Kaczmarski (2009F Only)
Angelica Sanchez
Aarika Zarnick
2008F – 2009S Ifeoma Aguanunu
Christine Bonvillian
Alexander Figueroa
Michael Glowacz (2008F Only)
Richard Makos
Christina Tyrakowski
2007F – 2008S Therese Cleary
Beatriz Gomez
Maria Harmon
Richard Makos
Larissa Mottl (2007F Only)
Ashley O’Neill
Craig Sonneveld
Christina Tyrakowski
2006F – 2007S Jairo Cruz
Ashley Davis
Beatriz Gomez
Maria Harmon
Kati Khouri
Larissa Mottl
Ashley O'Neill
Maria Rapciak
Craig Sonneveld
2005F - 2006S Sean Banasiak
Jessica Bates (2005F Only)
Lindsay Durkin
Brian Kulczak
Sara Lindgren
Paul Serafin
2004F – 2005S Ryan Herbert
Patricia M. Jalovec
Praveena Thomas
Angelica Valentin
2003F – 2004S Ryan Herbert
Tanya Hunter
Patricia Jalovec
Christina Palmer
2002F - 2003S Mujahida Baram
Ryan Herbert
Patricia Jalovec
Christina Palmer
2001F - 2002S Alexander Flowers
Joseph Kinsella
Scott Pyrz
Mariagoretti Yu
2000F - 2001S Karina Laszcz
Jacob Luckhard
John Nino
Mistelle Redmond
Linda Sosnowski
1999F – 2000S Coby Adamcyzk
Michelle L. Cooper
Jamie J. Jett
Stacie M. Raymond