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The Social Media Directory is used to connect and engage in conversations with all members of the SXU community, including current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, the surrounding community and friends of the University.

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Student Blogs

  • Genesis Garcia-Fisher

    Genesis Garcia-Fisher

    Genesis is a junior majoring in Middle School Education with Endorsements in Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies and ESL Studies. She enjoys sleeping, eating, service, social justice, music (she plays the cello), reading, hanging out with friends, and trying to be healthy whilst eating a Kit-Kat Bar.


    Chris Thach

    Chris Thach

    Chris is a junior majoring in Secondary Art Education. He enjoys writing, painting, gaming, gardening, poetry, and hanging out with friends.

    Amber Burke

    Amber Burke

    Amber is a sophomore majoring in Marketing. She enjoys listening and playing music, sports, shopping, socializing, food, friends, family and dogs.

    Nick Vazquez

    Nick Vazquez

    Nick is a freshman majoring in Criminal Justice. He enjoys reading and writing short stories, running, listening to music, gaming, eating at Huck Finn’s and spending time with friends.