Tuition Payment Plans

Employee Reimbursement Payment Plan

The Office of the Bursar will bill those employers who pay the University directly within one week of the last day to add/drop for each term. A new company letter must be submitted each term. Failure to submit a letter and payment before the first day of class will result in a $100 late fee being applied to your account.

Download the Employee Reimbursement Plan application (PDF).

Students who qualify for Employer Deferred tuition reimbursement must submit a letter from their company, and it is the student's responsibility to provide their company with a copy of their bill and grade report for each semester.

*Please note that failure to pay within the 30 days will result in your being charged the interest and penalties as outlined in the CUP Plan from the first day of the semester. Students who make payment arrangements or fail to make the first payment by this date will be assessed a $100 late clearance fee.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Bursar at 773-298-3046 or bursar@sxu.edu.