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May Term Information

May term courses offer intensive educational experiences. Current students are eligible for on-campus housing in Morris Hall during the May term. The contract deadline for May Term housing is to be determined. To learn more about housing rates and deadlines, please visit the Tuition and Fees page.

May Term Courses

May term courses are posted below!

Section Title Method General Education Offerings
BIOL 207-01 Nutrition LECT Life Science
BIOL 330-01 Cadaver Dissection LECT Life Science
BIOL 330-02 Cadaver Dissection LECT Life Science
CJ 245-01 Race, Class, Gender and the Criminal Justice System LECT Diversity Studies
COMM 101-01 Speech Fundamentals LECT Diversity Studies
ECON 201-01 Principle Economics - Microeconomics HYBD Social Science  
ENGL 224-01 Professional Writing and Communications LECT  
ENGL 260-01 Special Topics: Cleopatra: Legend/Reality LECT Global Studies, Literature and Diversity Studies
FINC 200-01 Personal Financing HYBD  
FINC 399-01 Financial Trading HYBD  
HIST 103-01 U.S. History to 1877 LECT History and Diversity Studies
MATH 113-01 Trigonometry LECT  
MGMT 330-01 Diversity in Organizations ONLN Diversity Studies
MGMT 351-01 Project Management HYBD  
PHIL 150-01 The Examined Life LECT Philosophy 
PHIL 294-01 Philosophy and Cognition LECT Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies
POLSC 260-01 Special Topics: American Super Power LECT Social Science, Diversity Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies
PSYCH 303-01 Human Motivation LECT  
PSYCH 315-01 Cognitive Psychology LECT  
RELST 210-01 The Roman Catholic Tradition LECT Religious Studies
RELST 252-01 Third World Religious Views LECT Religious Studies and Global Studies
SOC 210-01 Sociology of the Family LECT Social Science

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Non-Admitted Students

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