Office of Records and Advising

University Placement Program

Records and Advising oversees mathematics and English placement exams, as well as foreign language placement exams, including Spanish, French, Arabic and Polish.

Incoming freshman can register for a placement exam date when you register for FOCUS. There will be a $20.00 fee to re-take the math exam. Incoming transfer and currently enrolled students may take the math placement exam if you are requesting a change in your math or chemistry placement.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email academictesting@sxu.edu.

Mathematics Placement

The COMPASS® math and English placement exams are required for all incoming students, unless you have previously earned college-level credit. Please note that you may use your own calculator (TI 84 and lower) or the one provided on the computer when taking the math placement exam.

Study and Preparation

Texts and practice tests suggested for review:


Your score will reflect the extent to which you understand basic operations of whole numbers, decimals, percents, fractions, positive and negative numbers, ratio and proportion, graphing and distance, exponents and radicals, factoring and substituting values into algebraic expressions, logarithms, functions and linear equations. An advisor will assist you in interpreting your score and determining math placement.

Placement Levels

MATH 090: Beginning Algebra
MATH 099: Intermediate Algebra
100 Level math
200 Level math

English Placement

Any student requesting a change in English placement may take the COMPASS e-Write™ Test. Using a computer, students write an essay on a provided topic. Students are graded on content, focus, organization, style and mechanical conventions.

Study and Preparation

Practice tests suggested for review:


Your score will reflect the extent to which the topic is addressed, the consistency and clarity with which the main idea(s) or point of view is identified and maintained, the unity and coherence achieved through the logical sequence of ideas, the effectiveness of language use to enhance the writer's purpose, and the control of mechanics in grammar, spelling and punctuation.