Learning Center and Disability Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring Services

How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring services at the Learning Center are absolutely free of charge for currently enrolled SXU students. LCDS does not offer tutoring services to the public. The Learning Center does provide tutoring services to alumnae for the Illinois Certification Testing System’s Basic Skills Test (300).

How long are tutoring sessions?

Tutoring sessions are scheduled in half hour increments. The LCDS recommends a half hour appointment for a 1-3 page paper, an hour appointment for a 3-6 page paper, and an hour and a half appointment for a paper longer than 6 pages.

Should I make an appointment, or can I just drop by?

You should make an appointment. Tutoring appointments can be hard to come by at busy times in the semester, such as during midterms and prior to finals, so schedule early and keep your appointment. Making an appointment guarantees you a spot with the tutor as long as you are on time. The only exception to the appointment rule is math tutoring. Most of our math tutoring is done on a drop-in basis. If you have any questions about whether or not you should make an appointment, meet with a member of the Learning Center staff.

Can I schedule two appointments in a row?

No, not usually. Our tutoring services are in high demand, so we discourage students from making two back-to-back appointments with the same tutor. Instead, get as much done as you can in the first appointment, and schedule a follow-up appointment for a day or two later.

What do I need to bring to my tutoring appointment?

Consider bringing anything that might be helpful to you and the tutor when working together. This may include your textbook, the syllabus, description of the assignment, any work you have completed for the assignment so far, your class notes and any tools that might be helpful, such as a calculator for math homework or a periodic table for chemistry assignments.

Tutoring is just for students who are struggling, right?

No, anyone can use the services at the Learning Center. In fact, a lot of our regular users are successful students. Any student can benefit from working through his or her ideas with the help of someone else, no matter how good the students is at a particular subject. Even the best writers have reviewers and editors to help make their books better. If you are struggling in a course and need some help, stop by. We are here to help everyone.

What can I expect to accomplish in a tutoring appointment?

This depends on what you are working on and where you are in your process. Writing tutors spend a lot of their time working with students on developing ideas and writing good paragraphs. Subject area tutors help clarify ideas for students and assist students as they work through problems. Each tutoring session is different, so come prepared with ideas about what you need to work on and how the tutor can help you.

What should I do if I need to cancel an appointment?

Call or stop by the Learning Center at least THREE HOURS in advance to notify us of the change in appointment time. If you scheduled a morning tutoring time, please notify us by 5 p.m. the day before the appointment.

The only tutor who works with my subject area has two hours when I am in class. What can I do to get help in this subject?

Although our content area tutors have scheduled tutoring times, they can also schedule additional sessions by appointment. Stop by the front desk and ask for the contact information of your tutor; you can personally make an appointment at a time convenient to both you and the tutor.

Can a tutor help me with my homework?

Our tutors are great at helping you work through the concepts of your assignment, but will not help work on the actual problems of a homework assignment you have not turned in yet. They might, instead, have you work on a problem and help you with tough concepts along the way, or they might work problems like the ones in your assignment. Just remember that the tutor is available to answer questions, clarify ideas and cheer you along, but the tutor is not there to do the problem or homework for you.

What should I do if there are no available appointments?

If the tutoring schedule is completely booked, you can ask to be placed on the waiting list. We will call you if a tutoring time becomes available.

What happens if I cancel my appointment with less than 3 hours notice, or if I do not show up for my appointment?

Late cancellations and no-shows are problematic because they limit the tutoring opportunity for other potential clients. In order to serve as many students as possible the Learning Center keeps records of students who cancel at the last minute and/or do not keep their appointments. Repeated violations of the policy will result in suspension of tutoring privileges. Below is the Learning Center’s Cancellation/No-Show policy:

  • 2 No-Shows = 8 week restriction of scheduled tutoring
  • 2 Late Cancellations equal one No-Show Violation