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Disability Services

disability services privacy faqs

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about privacy at Disability Services.

If I seek accommodation through Disability Services, will everyone know about my disability and accommodations?


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Disability Services staff and the students we serve. Students must sign a Release of Information form in order for Disability Services staff to disclose a student's disability. The student must designate with whom Disability Services can share information. Disability Services will not disclose any information regarding the specific nature of the disability without the student’s knowledge and expressed consent. Accommodation letters list only the accommodations and only identify the specific disability to the degree that the student desires. It is the student's choice to share information regarding his/her disability when he/she feels it is appropriate.

I am a student with a disability, and my disability may affect work with my tutor or the work I bring in to the tutor. Should I talk to the tutor about my disability?

Only if you want to.

You are under no obligation to disclose your disability to the tutor. If you think it would be helpful for you and the tutor to talk about what your disability is and how it does, or might, impact your work, feel free to talk to the tutor about your situation. You should only provide as much information as you feel comfortable sharing.

I have a disability, but I do not want to self-disclose to anyone on campus. Is that okay?

Of course!

Not self-disclosing is your legal right because you are an adult. Because of not self-disclosing, you will not receive any accommodations. You have the option of self-disclosing at any point in the semester, but the accommodations process only begins from the day you speak with Disability Services staff and provide necessary documentation to initiate services. You will not have the option of redoing work done prior to your self-disclosure. Based on when you self-disclose, there may not be enough time to provide accommodations. Furthermore, why you elected to self-disclose and when you did will need to be considered.

Will Disability Services speak with my parent/guardian regarding my disability or progress?

Only if you want us to.

Because you are an adult learner, you choose how involved your parent(s)/guardian(s) will in the process of requesting and receiving disability services. In most situations it is appropriate for you, the student, to speak directly with Disability Services staff and then convey the information to your parent/guardian as you deem appropriate. If, in a special circumstance, you would like Disability Services to share information directly with your parent, you will be given a waiver release and will indicate your approval on the signed waiver form. If you would not like Disability Services to speak with your parent(s)/guardian(s), then do not provide your approval by signing this release.

Is a student required to submit any documentation regarding his/her disability to faculty and staff other than Disability Services?

Certainly not.

Only Disability Services should have documentation regarding any disability on file. Any other University personnel needing information about your disability can speak with us to confirm the existence of a documented disability; however, no further information will be provided unless you sign a release form.