Yellowstone Project

The Yellowstone Project

The Yellowstone Project provides students with the opportunity to engage in policy-oriented fieldwork under the direct supervision of naturalists, ecologists and environmentalists who live and work in the Greater Yellowstone Area.

In partnership with the Yellowstone Association Institute, SXU has established a program that will have students spending most of each day out in the field learning to track and photograph wildlife and studying the effects of wolf reintroduction and climate change on the natural environment and on the local economy. During the trip, students will meet and talk to local ranch families and environmental activists working to preserve the public lands of the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Earn Undergraduate Course Credit

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Student Experiences

"This course and trip literally changed my life . . . I'm now completing an internship at the Washington D.C. office of the Sierra Club."
     --Chance Cutrano

On the lectures and speakers: ". . .we heard from speakers on all sides, ranchers, environmentalists and some of the top research scientists working in the Park . . . clearly no easy answers."
     --Michael Catania

On encountering Big Horn Sheep: "I was focusing my zoom in on one of the males in the herd, when he quickly turned to look back up the mountain. Another male was charging down the mountainside. It sprinted across the flat and just rammed the two other males. I see now why they call them Rams."
     --Keith Murphy