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Romania: Non-Profits, Nursing and Social Justice

This course addresses social welfare issues in the Eastern European country of Romania from a business and nursing perspective. Both the fall of communism and accession to the European Union in January 2007 provide the backdrop for our studies. Various professional methods for promoting self-sufficiency, social integration, social change and justice in Romania are examined. Issues of particular interest include: social responsibility in business, the development of nursing as a profession, gender, ethnicity, poverty, employment and housing.

Social programs offered by the Romanian government are limited, leaving NGO's to provide most social outreach programs. The nonprofit sector is crucial in providing a safety net to the underserved population in the country. Nursing is still in its infancy in Romania and is struggling to educate and develop nursing leaders to transform the country's struggling medical system. Public health nursing issues relating to children, the mentally ill, the elderly, the Roma and other vulnerable populations will be studied, and public health initiatives aimed at improving the lives of these people will be explored and contrasted to the US.

Students will volunteer with Romanian Children's Relief/Fundatia Inocenti in Bistrita for a portion of the program. Volunteer experiences may include partnering with the local nursing school, shadowing nurses and literacy workers, volunteering with orphaned and abandoned children at the county hospital and placement with NGO administrators and social entrepreneurs to learn how nonprofits are managed and funded.


NURS 383/MKTG 395/MGMT 395 Romania: Non-Profits, Nursing & Social Justice (3) Satisfies General Education Global Studies Requirement

Program Details

Activity Level


Housing and Meals

Double and triple rooms in local hotels.


Minimum cumulative GPA: 2.5

Business majors: Minimum 30 credit hours (sophomore class standing).

Nursing majors: Minimum Senior I status by January 2013.

Program Dates

Spring 2013 course meets monthly at Chicago campus. Travel Dates: March 8 - 17, 2013

Program Costs

$2,650.00  Program cost includes roundtrip airfare Chicago to Cluj, local transportation, lodging and all meals. SXU tuition is not include in the program cost. Tuition associated with the spring 2013 course is billed separately by the Bursar's Office during spring 2013 registration.

Application Deadline

November 8, 2012

Program Faculty

Dr. Cheryl Luczak
Assistant Professor, Graham School of Management
Office: GSM Room 3913C
Email: luczak@sxu.edu 

Dr. Evelyn Norton
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Office: WAC E-213
Email: norton@sxu.edu