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Instructional Support

CIDAT is here to assist individual faculty and departments. In the past two years, CIDAT has provided one-on-one consultation to faculty from different teaching disciplines and also has developed workshops specifically tailored to different SXU departments’ needs.


CIDAT staff members are available for consultation with individual faculty members to discuss integration of technology into their teaching. We are prepared to help you to build on your strengths to make your teaching more engaging and to enhance student learning. Even if you don't know what questions to ask, make an appointment and let us help you explore some possibilities with you.


Canvas is a powerful online platform that allows faculty to share course materials, administer tests, hold online discussion and post grades. All currently-enrolled students and teaching faculty have access to Canvas.

SXU has also purchased many educational technology tools that are compatible with Canvas; for example, faculty could use ShareStream to upload and edit videos, Panopto to record their class, and Respondus to create online tests. All those materials can be uploaded into Canvas for student access.

CIDAT offers one-on-one Canvas training for SXU faculty.

Software Training

CIDAT provides training in educational software to SXU faculty and staff members. Email us ( to schedule an individual or group appointment to discuss the software you are interested in.

Course Development

CIDAT staff members can help SXU faculty design new courses or revitalize existing ones to make them more engaging to students. We can suggest various pedagogical and technological methods of presenting your course materials most effectively.

Saint Xavier University designed its own online teaching certificate course, Certificate of Preparedness for Online Teaching (CPOT). Since the summer of 2015, CIDAT has certified 70 SXU faculty in designing and teaching online courses. For more information, visit the SXU CPOT Course page. 

Media Services

Media Services is responsible for providing instructional media and hardware for education at Saint Xavier University. The department administers special instructional facilities; acquires and maintains audio/visual equipment and software for the purpose of instruction, and is responsible for delivering media equipment in all areas of the University. 

The department also offers students, faculty and staff of the University the opportunity to use equipment, software and production facilities for University-related events and academic functions.  


Media Services has a variety of multimedia equipment available for reservation to students, faculty and staff.

To view a complete inventory of instructional technologies and media equipment, visit myMedia. 

For policies and procedures on placing a reservation, visit mySXU.

Smart Rooms

Smart classrooms are technology-enhanced classrooms that help foster an engaged teaching and learning experience. These rooms save time and space, and help faculty interact with students in new ways.

Smart rooms are equipped with:

  • A ceiling-mounted projector
  • A desktop computer
  • Blu-ray or dvd player
  • Document camera (specific rooms only)
  • Touch-screen monitor (specific rooms only)

We welcome requests for training with a staff member. Current faculty may reserve additional equipment for their classroom if it is needed, but please visit mySXU to see which classrooms are already smart rooms.

Production Services

Production Services provides the University with a variety of video production support. Students, faculty and staff are welcome to request filming for an event, equipment tutorials, equipment loans and use of our edit workstations.

Services for Students

Production Services has production equipment available for students to reserve for use in production-based courses. Students in the SXU community can use the edit workstation to complete audio visual projects. Our recording studio is also available for use by students, faculty, and staff for recording video or for photography.

For both the edit workstation and the recording studio, users must meet with the Production Services staff before their first session to go over the equipment and to understand the policies and best practices. To set up a session with Production Services, email

Services for Faculty

ShareStream lecture capture software works with MyCourses, allowing professors to record academic material, upload videos, and share content with their students. Narrated PowerPoint is increasingly becoming a popular tool among SXU faculty for a "flipped classroom."

Faculty can receive training from Production Services for recordings and best practices when working with production equipment.

SXU Events

More information regarding requesting event recordings can be found on mySXU. To request recording of an event, please email

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