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Open Classroom Project

CIDAT will facilitate an Open Classroom Project to showcase faculty utilizing various pedagogical strategies and technologies in today’s classrooms. We learned that faculty greatly benefit from their colleagues when they share information about their experiences, successes, failures, and the best ways to combine teaching with technology.

The Open Classroom provides an opportunity for faculty to connect, collaborate and inspire colleagues who are experienced in teaching technology and pedagogy along with those interested in adding new ideas and ways of presenting their curriculum.

Below is a look at some of our innovators.


Pam Schwer

Pamela SchwerThe Graham School of Management’s Department of Accounting elected to turn their evening program into an online program in order to broaden the appeal to students. Fall 2014 was the first semester an online accounting course was offered by Pam Schwer. For spring 2015, both Pam Schwer and K.C. Rakow have online offerings. As a replacement for face-to-face lectures, both Prof. Schwer and Dr. Rakow worked with Michael Grimm to record lectures that included step-by-step explanations for tackling the harder technical problems in accounting. They used the Livescribe Smart Pen to record the actual development of solutions, and used software provided by the textbook publishers that allow students to complete homework online, provide assistance when necessary, and then grade the homework. Another difficult area was developing student-to-student contact in a very technical field.  In Prof. Schwer’s cost accounting class in fall 2014, she used the Canvas discussion board for students to share real news stories relevant to the topics covered.  In future classes, the plan is to have students use the Study Mate Class tool to create flashcards for each other.  Lastly, in the cost class, Prof. Schwer had her students develop Balanced Scorecards in the ePortfolio feature.  This was then shared with their classmates who made comments for improvement. Testing was done using the Respondus lockdown browser with a webcam. Although Prof. Schwer was worried about availability for students, by giving them a long lead-time to get ready, she did not have any issues.  

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Graham Peck

Graham PeckGraham Peck’s History 200 course, Introduction to the Discipline of History, teaches students to use the National Archives Great Lakes Region in order to write a research paper on Indian boarding schools. The National Archives holds the federal government's records, and the Great Lakes Region facility holds the records for all of the Great Lakes states. This research training is the basis for subsequent research courses in the history major. 

History 250-01: Historical Documentary Filmmaking, and Art 260-01: Creative Documentary Filmmaking, are innovative dual-enrollment courses that teach students to make historical documentaries. Co-taught by Profs. Graham Peck (History) and Nathan Peck (Art), the course' s subject is the history of the Sisters of Mercy, St. Xavier's founding order. Every student in the class makes a five-minute film on some aspect of the history of the Sisters and the University. 

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