Technology Integration Coordinator: Yue Ma

A main component of Saint Xavier University’s Title III grant was a focus on technology integration. Using Title III funding, SXU has employed a technology integration coordinator to lead the tech-infusion component of our project. The technology integration coordinator worked with SXU faculty individually and in small groups on an array of technology projects, including myCourses, Class Capture, iPad applications and Classroom Response Systems (Clickers). Additionally, the technology integration coordinator assisted faculty with course design and development, specifically for online and hybrid delivery formats.

Title III supported augments annual SXU allocations for equipment and supplies to create 12 "smart" classroom settings for advanced technological integration initiatives as well as equipment and supplies for faculty to use in course development and delivery. It is expected that SXU faculty will become more accomplished in developing curricula that integrates pedagogy and advanced technology.

An integral component of the Title III technology initiative is the new Instructional Design Center (CIDAT) that will insure the continuation of a progressive experimental environment for faculty and encourage knowledge sharing and peer collaboration on technology issues and projects.

Student Engagement Coordinator: Charles Alexander

The student engagement coordinator worked with students facing academic and personal challenges in order to provide them with support and tools to succeed at SXU.  Projects included the planning of the Academic Advantage Summer Bridge program; developing and maintaining a standard manual for Academic Advising in order to help ensure that all Academic Advisors have access to updated and accurate advising information; and providing individual advising and support for SXU students.

Community-Based Learning Coordinator: Denise DuVernay

A main focus of the Title III Grant during 2011-2013 was developing and strengthening Community-Based and Collaborative Learning Opportunities. This initiative is also closely connected to the University's General Education Curriculum: completion of the Title III Grant objectives has enabled the University to develop a substantive offering of Community-Based Learning courses in a variety of disciplines, which will enable the actualization the Community-Based Learning requirement of the General Education Curriculum.

Community-Based Learning (CBL) is an instructional strategy that blends academic learning with practice outside the classroom. Emphasis is placed on reflection, active student participation and connecting the curriculum to the "living text" of the real world. Integral to community based learning is the relationship established between SXU faculty, students and partners in the community. In a community-based learning course project, both the students and community partner benefits. Examples of community-based learning include internships, clinical experiences, student teaching, and service learning.

The Community-Based Learning coordinator supports the development of Community-Based and Collaborative Learning Experiences in several ways: