School of Education

School of Education Teacher Education Council

The Teacher Education Council is the administrative structure established for the governance of teacher education. The Teacher Education Council is responsible for developing policies relating to the teacher education program in the areas of admission, retention, certification, advisement, placement and clinicals. The Teacher Education Council also has as its responsibility the oversight of the student appeals process regarding issues related to the teacher education programs.

The Teacher Education Council consists of appointed faculty and administrative staff from the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences, graduate and undergraduate candidates, and the deans of the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. A staff member from the Office of Academic Advising and Educational Planning is a non-voting member of the council. The chair of the council is the director of teacher education.

Appealing A Decision Concerning Certification

An appeal process has been developed for students who are denied admission to the teacher education programs or student teaching, or whose pursuit of program completion is believed by the student to be compromised in some ways. The Teacher Education Council considers an initial appeal. The dean of the School of Education, whose decision is final, hears a final appeal, as needed.