Teacher of the Month

Meet WGN and SXU's Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Tyler Michie, who teaches astronomy and earth science at Northwest Suburban Hoffman Estates High School, for being named Saint Xavier University and WGN-TV's November Teacher of the Month.

"My favorite thing is being excited about this and seeing their eyes light up over some fact they didn't know about the solar system. They say 'Really?' and I love it; I feed off of that," said Tyler Michie, who finds fulfillment in sharing his excitement with today's youth.

His excitement and enthusiasm for the sciences is passed down to his students who have gained a new passion for learning.

"He is one of the first teachers that I've had where I have actually wanted to get up in the morning and go to his class," said student Hannah Janovsky, the student who nominated Michie. "He is just one of those kind of teachers you just can't forget."

After receiving the news of this honor, Michie said, "I was speechless! It was a wonderful surprise, and I've been trying to wrap my head around it ever since. It's been awesome!"

If you are currently a student age 13 or older in the Chicagoland area, please visit the Contest Page on WGN's website to nominate a teacher whom you feel makes a difference at your school or in your community.