Teacher of the Month

Meet WGN and SXU's Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Kathie Howe, who teaches language arts at Lukancic Middle School in Romeoville and is March's Teacher of the Month.

Howe engages students by rewarding them with an entertaining learning experience as she bellows out tons of ideas that keep her students motivated.  She says, “Teaching is an entertainment thing. “ She clarifies by saying, “If I reduce teaching to nothing but nouns and verbs and adjectives, and don’t give ‘students’ real-world application, how are they going to fall in love with the written word?”  

Howe wants students to learn to love books and learn to love to laugh. She feels that there is a wonderful, interactive component that is present when a student physically opens the book and turns the page, and her students agree. “I’ve never had a day that I am bored in class,” says student Joshua Golibrzuch.

Her students are very supportive of a behavior reward system that she uses, which involves a piggy bank.  Above her desk hangs a banner that reads “Is that worthy of the pig?”  On her desk sits a green pig in which she inserts 10 cent paper tickets for every sign of good behavior she spots.  At the end of the semester, the class’s good behavior tickets are translated into actual money to help support a local food pantry.

Student Nathan Helper nominated Kathie Howe for Teacher of the Month.  He said, “She makes sure that the students get the books they want, even if she has to buy them herself.” Nathan believes that Kathie Howe also exhibits behavior that is ”worthy of the pig.”  

If you are currently a student age 13 or older in the Chicagoland area, please visit the Contest Page on WGN's website to nominate a teacher whom you feel makes a difference at your school or in your community.