Teacher of the Month

Meet WGN and SXU's Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Lindsay Consdorf, a chemistry teacher at Warren Township High School in Gurnee, IL, for being October's Teacher of the Month.

Lindsay Consdorf's instruction goes well beyond chemistry. Alongside typical science coursework, she likes to place a special focus on teaching stress management skills to her students. While the topics covered in class change throughout the year, her lessons on managing stress remain a constant.

"The students that I tend to get in class are so stressed," says Consdorf. She attributes this stress to the parents and the community, as well as to the students themselves. She realized that her students could benefit from extra support and thus makes it a priority of hers to make sure they know how to deal with any stress they are faced with.

Genevieve Korn, the senior who nominated Consdorf for this award, is grateful to have a support system in place at school, especially while going through the college admissions process on top of juggling AP classes, clubs, and other daily stressors.

Consdorf presents research to her students about apps that she has found and time management techniques that she believes will be helpful to her students. According to her, the short amount of time it takes to give them these life skills is well worth it.

"I gave them a useful life skill," says Consdorf. "I feel like it's so much more important than any chemistry lesson or chemistry fact that they might have picked up along the way."

If you are currently a student age 13 or older in the Chicagoland area, please visit the Contest Page on WGN's website to nominate a teacher whom you feel makes a difference at your school or in your community.