Saint Xavier University Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month

Meet WGN and SXU's Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Daniel Taff, who is a natural chemistry teacher at LaSalle II Magnet School on the near northwest side, for being named Saint Xavier University and WGN-TV's November Teacher of the Month.

Daniel Taff has a special sort of charisma that makes his natural chemistry students not only admire him, but also helps them fully understand the material. Taff emphasizes the importance of conversation and interaction in the learning process because he believes that it allows students to reinforce the concepts they are taught and ensure that they are able to explain it themselves.

Student Isreal Martinez was excited to nominate his teacher so that he could know how much he and other students appreciate the work he does.

Taff is always available to answer his students' questions, either in person or via email. He understands that, ultimately, he is there for his students' educations and futures above all else, so it is best to tailor the lessons in a way that best benefits them -- whether it is through discussion, humor or activities.

If you are currently a student age 13 or older in the Chicagoland area, please visit the Contest Page on WGN's website to nominate a teacher whom you feel makes a difference at your school or in your community.